CBSE News > 3 lakh Students to take Aptitude Test in January 2011

3 lakh Students to take Aptitude Test in January 2011

CBSE Aptitude Test

Over three lakh class X students have opted for the aptitude test to be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). According to officials from the CBSE, the aptitude test to be conducted in January 2011, has come as a popular choice for class X students who are not appearing for the class X boards. Officials however stated that the test is not an equivalent of the board exams.

Last year over 10 lakh students appeared for the CBSE class X boards. But with the change in policies and introduction of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), class X students who are to continue in the same school for their class XI and XII are not going to take the board exams. Instead they are going to appear for the term-end Summative Assessment II later in 2011.

Speaking to Education Times, Vineet Joshi, CBSE chairman said, “There will be more than 3 lakh students who have registered for the aptitude test. But one should not confuse the aptitude test and the class X board exams, as both are altogether different exams. Admission to class XI will be decided on the CCE certificate issued to students at the end of class X.”

Explaining the purpose of the aptitude test, the CBSE chairman said that the test has been designed for parents and students to understand the aptitude of students towards specific study streams. “However, this is not the only tool for deciding the choice of subjects at class XI. As stated earlier, this can be an additional tool to consider. And this is only an optional test. So for a school it can be a parameter only if all the students opt for it,” Joshi observed.


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