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6,000 New Model Schools in India

Model Schools

The Central Government has decided to set up 6,000 Model Schools at the block level, at the rate of one school per block, as benchmarks of excellence.  3500 of these schools are to be set up in Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) through State Governments and the remaining 2500 schools are to be set up through Public Private Partnership (PPP).  The first component of the scheme in EBBs is already operational.

The sharing pattern for both recurring and non-recurring expenditure of these schools is 75:25 between the Central Government and the State Governments except for the special category States, for which the sharing pattern is 90:10.  So far, 434 Model Schools in 12 States have been sanctioned.  The State-wise break-up of model schools sanctioned so far is as under:

Number of Model Schools Sanctioned

S.No. State No. of Schools
1. Bihar 105
2. Chhattisgarh 72
3. Himachal Pradesh 5
4. Jammu & Kashmir 19
5. Karnataka 74
6. Madhya Pradesh 33
7. Mizoram 1
8. Nagaland 11
9. Punjab 21
10 Tamil Nadu 18
11. West Bengal 20
12. Gujarat 55
Total 434