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Adolescence Education Programmes in CBSE Schools



The CBSE has been implementing Adolescence Education Programmes in independent unaided schools affiliated to the Board since 2005. It conducts the Advocacy Programmes for principals and Nodal Teacher Training Programmes for teachers.  The time allocated for conducting activities related to AEP are 16 hours over a period of one session.  This can be done through a two period slot held fortnightly.

The Manuals on AEP i.e. Advocacy Manual, Teachers’ Workbook (for Student Activities), Reference Material for Heads of Schools and Teachers, Facilitator’s Handbook for training of Resource Persons and Nodal Teachers are already placed on the CBSE website in the AEP corner and can be downloaded.

Moreover the CBSE has also initiated a Regional Level Youth Festival and National Youth Festival in 2009 which will be an annual feature in the years to follow.

  • m.a khan

    aep program was launch long back by ncert,in 1993 with a view to educate the adolescents regading health and sex issues. but till now only ten % population is benifitted by it .people and communities are not accepting this fact and fear of the facts resuting in prmiscous behavior of our youth.
    pl.comment on it,,,,