CBSE News > AIEEE 2012 Topper Sanjeet Patri from Delhi scored 346 out of 360

AIEEE 2012 Topper Sanjeet Patri from Delhi scored 346 out of 360

AIEEE 2012 Topper

The top score of this year’s All India Engineering/Architecture Entrance Exam (AIEEE) is 346 out of 360, one mark more than last year’s top score. The AIEEE results were announced on Saturday night. No student from Maharashtra made it to the top 10 list. The All India Rank (AIR) 1 was secured by Sanjeet Patri from Delhi who scored 346 out of 360. Among girls, Mansee Sood topped with AIR 6 with a score of 336 out of 360. The IIT JEE all India topper secured the ninth rank in AIEEE.

Anant Gupta with AIR 2 is a Rajpura resident  who completed his high school education from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27. He head secured 7th rank in IIT.

This year, 11,37,256 candidates registered for Paper-I for B.E./B.Tech, out of which 10,61,854 candidates appeared and for Paper-ll for B.Arch/B.Planning 83,049 candidates registered out of which 71,316 candidates appeared.

Of around 11 lakh candidates who wrote the exam, 4.1 lakh crossed the cut-off mark of 48, and are eligible for the next phase of online counselling.

Students can log on to for further details on seat availability.

  • Happyjais18

    d site is nt working…is der ny oder site????

  • binoy

    please suggest weather nit admission is possible my air is 209891 and state rank is 21160 and marks are 60.

    • Aadesh010


    • plz contact this no-07737803430

    • Mailme778

       TRY AGAIN………

  • ram

    please suggest options for all india rank in the range of 56200

  • GC Pandey

    I secured AIR 2923 in AIEEE 2012. What is the best option for me. I am from Delhi.

    • plz contact this no-07737803430

    • Gitansh92

      dtu nsit any clg u want dude with the stream u desire

  • guest

    @dd93153168b743730458b51c5fa1119b:disqus  : hey you can check out for IIIT hyderabad…….an amazing institute!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest there any re-checking possible in aieee

  • Bplan3

    My AiR in Arch stream is 26941 and state (MP) rank is 1696. What is the option for me?

  • Paras Mehandiratta

    I secured AIR 3231 in AIEEE 2012. What is the best option for me? I am from Rajasthan

    • Shubham mall

      you will get world’s worst college. go and do sucide. you can’t do anything.

      • Qweqewqwe

        NIT JAIPUR may be possible. So, Shubham , why are you sayin others to suicide. Shame on you!

    • neha gupta

       you have secured a good will get admission in good college.

    • Prateek Koul913

      Congo dude ..go for iiit’s…how many marks u got??

    • Gitansh92

      jahan ungli rakhega vo milega but ny advice go for dtu nsit aur pec nit jaipur inse bhut niche hai

  • Rajseshan Thota

    my registration number is 20850430 and my date of bir is 28/12/1994 please help me in getting my roll number

  • Santhosh

    in which site i can get result

    • ttp://

  • ttp://

  • Rahul Bhagat

    really outstanding….. there is no matching of this result !!!!!
    n heartly congratulations!!!!!

  • Ankush

    I had taken the online exam and as per the answer sheet provided on AIEEE site i have attempted 57 questions. I have been given 110 marks. I cant see how is it possible. No combination of correct and incorrect questions can make up a total of 110. ( x + y = 57 and 4x – y = 110) . Is anyone else facing such an issue. 

    • Some questions were incorrect, so 0 to all were given 😉

      • Ankush

        oh! Thanks Rohit .. can you tell me if cbse has officially said something regarding the incorrect questions? I mean have they declared which questions were incorrect?

        • No, nothing is official, but I saw an answer key (of online exam) where they had written “incorrect question”.

          • Ankush

            by any chance can you please provide me the link for that answer key ?
            Appreciate your help

        • Akrrak

          Can anyone please tell me that m i elligible 2 take admission through state quota in my state only or in other states also???

      • Sudhanshu Mishra

        It was a wrong decision.

  • sonu sharma


  • ravi

    rgstration no. toh yaad hoga na,,,???

  • Sudhanshu Mishra

    AIR 13720, Marks 201
    BioTech in NIT Warangal or IT in NIT Durgapur…pls comment

    • ashish

       plz give me the way how u studied including ur time table and how many hrs. to get a such aposition

    • Prateek Koul913

      Hi wats the AIR at marks 175 this year?

    • Gitansh92

      bhai dnt go for biotech no scope in india till go for it aur rather apply for nit jaipur bhopal better options are there for u dude

  • Debolina Saha

    Mansee, hats off to u?

  • AshishMugloo

    congrats  Mr sangeet Patri and all who got achievement

  • ayush

    what is the rank this year at 182

    • Yash1


  • sahil pratap singh

    i got 16079 rank in  aieee 2012, nd state rank of 1089 in m.p. what is the best option for me? plz reply..

    • ashish

       in my opinion if u r in obc category then apply for niit wrangal and choose ur branch which u want

      • sahil pratap singh

        no, i m in gen category. thanx for ur reply

  • Deepakjha

    hi i also get top rank in ias, but i failed yo secure any seet result in aieee but get applied with 1 lakh rank.
    met me on [email protected]

  • Viji

    I have secured 49069 in overall SC category and a state rank of 1131 ( SC) from tamilnadu state. What would be my best option

    • Rahul Tejas

      surely u’ll get NIT trichy Computer Science. But in case if you want to try for IIITs then go for IIIT-Allahabad(i am not sure ,u’ll get or not).IIIT-H  is almost impossible.

  • Mrinal

    my air rank is 62000 and haryana state rank is 2400, which all colleges should I apply for?

    • Gitansh92

      ymca murthal toh milega nhi u cn think of other options if u want detail discussion we are having a fb page aieee guide u cn post there

      • Mrinal

        sir upes dehradun sahi hai, i m easily getting admission in it

        • Gitansh92

          bhai log haryana aate hai tu dehradun jayega padne jaypee ka form bhara hai to vahan ho jayega if u can contact me at 997148-0184 for better options also go for gju hissar aur uiet kuk

  • Rahul

    my AIR is not so good… my state rank is 28925….i’m from UP…..which college can i get??

    • Rayeess786

      does not exists … 🙂

  • Hitesh

     my AIR is 308386.ST category. Can I get admission in any NITs?

  • Ashishjain0709

    my state rank in haryana is 799 which colleges should i apply

    • Gitansh92

      contact at 9971480184 gitansh i could provide with all haryana option ymca murthal aasani se mil jayega and there are chances for nit kuk

  • Rayees Ahmad

    my state rank is 100 , which college should i apply ?

  • Sanjaypant1993

    sir my aieee marks are 116 which govt. colleges can i get?

    • Tuna1992

       and rank is

  • shyam dhanuka

    i got 30

  • Satisharora_khanna

    my state rank in punjab is 9184, but i got 47 marks. which college is suitable for me?

    • Gullu

      go back to school..9000 state rank..doob marr

  • elisha3ap

    sir me from west bengal… my state rank is 6803.. can i get nit durgapur…. by my state rank

    • Sunanda123

      u will get lolaaa

    • Bleedingshark

      stop using such filthy language 

  • S Bhattacharjee

    Its good to here the status of this year AIEEE the education system changes or updatio of recent years are not that qualitative than earlier…n thts y we finds topper in every doorstep if we consider Xth result while the same students get dumped in Quantitative exams lyk AIEEE n JEE…

  • Rushendra Rushi

    sir,i got rank around 1lakh among state wide?? wil i get seat in any college??/

  • vaishali panda

    i have got a rank 5126(all india) ..can i apply for nit rkl??

    • Manuj Jn

      ya u must nitr

    • Eateshkandpal

       please dont opt for NIT rrk , there are better colleges out there. You’ve got a nice rank you may go for IIIT-Allahabad or NITs in south/NIT allahabad/jaipur/bhopal.

      • Vipul Tiwari

        Last year only few people(2-3) get IIIT-Allahabad during 4th counseling having rank within 7k . I scored 6k, so shall i try for IIIT-Allahabad(i will get/wont get) or i’ll try for NITs(it’s my second preferences).

    • vikash sir

      call me i will tell u.8270117654

    • Aswhish kumar

      nope its a worst college you should go for trichy , warangal or surathkhal

      • Gitansh92

        dont go for rkl bcuz avg pckage 4 lakhs no exposure go for dtu nsit thapar nit trichy warangal suranthkal itni achi rank lekar kyun ghar se bhar nhi nikal rahe ghar se bahar niklo itni achi rank ke engineers ki jarurat hai hmare desh ko also apply for pec

  • Anu Kumari

    Sir, my all india rank is 20829…and state rank(tamil nadu) is 472, under obc category i got 117 rank……is it possible to get EEE os ECE or CSE in NIT TRICHY????…. 
    Sir, Please replyyy…

    • Gitansh92

      bhai u couldnt get nit trichy but srinagar delhi bits mesra are a gud option for u

  • Rachitarakyan

    sir,my all india rank is around nine lakh should i study engineering

    • Gour961


  • Sanjeev

    sir,i am from delhi.and i got 83901 as all india rank and 6841 as state rank .Is there any chances to get admission in MECHANICAL ENGINNERING IN DTU OR NSIT

    • Gitansh92

      bhai sorry tumhe dtu nsit mein kuch nhi milega go for ip prepare again u could definately get it next time

  • Sravan2021

    sir i got AIR 68890 rank..can i get seat in NIT’s

    • Gitansh92

      ur category please if general u cant get any nit sorry but jaypee and thapar would be available also i knw about north colleges rather south but do mention ur home state 

  • Vivekwish118

    sir, my all india rank is 27,000 ,, can i get any gud nit

    • Sussanbose318

       Your category? and from which state you completed 12th?

    • Gitansh92

      u could definately get bits mesra in 6th or 7th counselling and also nit delhi also mention ur home state

  • Amitpathry

    Dear Topper’s name is not Sanjeet Patri

    His name is “SANDEEP PATHRY”

  • Vipul

    if some one is planning to get IIIT(Allahabad/Hyderabad) then dont look for closing rank for the last year during 4th counseling. Closing ranks are very high. Last rank is generally filled by 2-3 student so to get admission in these institute ranks are required generally less than 4000. If you would lucky and be last 2-3 student then surely u’ll get but for safe side its always preferable below 4000. So keep this in mind do good counseling.Last year my brother tried this but he didnt get and finally taken admission through IIT-JEE in IIT-Guwahti(production engg). So keep this in mind ,dunt take a chance and try to get best institutes. Best of Luck for all B2K12 batch.

    • Rajesh Reddy

      Sir, i have scored 8000 rank in OBC . Can i get IIIT-A ? or ‘ll go for NITs?

  • Vinit Pathri

    the name of the topper is sandeep pathry and not sanjeet patri.
    so please change it with correct spelling if possible.

  • Stutipant

    my i have score 13700 rank in state wise and around 7 lakhs in all india…. sir can i get any government colgs or any nit through it…….

  • Ranjan Ravi

    I have got AIR rank 85,332(overall) and 60,000 Rank in general category which colleges will i get.

    • Gitansh92

      which is ur home state
      u could get jaypee guna if u have fill the form

  • Gitansh92

    contact at 9971480184 for any details about aieee can suggest u best option according to ur state rank only general candidates contact because i have the database for olny gen category candidates

    • Kish2562

      My daughter ahs got state rank of 380 and AIR overall rank of 2170, please guide which govt/private college she can get admission?