CBSE News > Aptitude Test (AT) and Proficiency Test (PT) for CBSE Students

Aptitude Test (AT) and Proficiency Test (PT) for CBSE Students

Aptitude Test and Proficiency Test

Instead of one board exam, a student can chose to face three paper-pen based tests — Aptitude Test (AT) in January-February 2011 and Proficiency Test (PT) in May to be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) besides the year-end summative assessment by the school.

The students who wish to move to a different board or change their school can still appear for the board exam which CBSE will be conducting. However, those who wish to continue in the same school are barred from doing so.

Meanwhile, schools that bank on the Class X boards results are now going to rely on the results of the aptitude test to offer specific streams like science, commerce or arts. The aptitude test will definitely be an additional tool on the table for us while deciding on the stream of study for the child. This will also give the students and parents some indication.

Aptitude Test

The Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) is an aptitude test which will be conducted nationwide in all CBSE-affiliated schools. It is upto the schools if they want to implement SGAI or not. The schools should register the number of interested students through the CBSE official website. The CBSE is also conducting a training workshop to familiarize principals and teachers, who are interested in SGAI. The teachers and principals can in turn educate the students about the aptitude test and its benefits.

Proficiency Test

The test is optional for students and will be held in June 2011. It is for students who have passed Class X in March. The test will be based on the new CCE pattern. The test is for students who get motivated by examinations

No additional fees will be charged.

The test will comprise multiple-choice questions. Students will have the option of taking the test in just one subject or more. The result will declare the students percentile instead of percentage