CBSE News > Bombay high court sets aside best of five system in SSC

Bombay high court sets aside best of five system in SSC

Best of Five SSC

The Bombay high court today set aside the ‘best of five’ system for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Board students with regard to Standard XI admissions, saying it discriminated against students from other boards.

The court also said that online admission process for Standard XI can commence immediately.

Setting aside the best of five system, the court said it discriminated against the students from other boards such as ICSE and CBSE.

The state board this year had come out with a new rule according to which marks obtained in five subjects would be considered — out of the six subjects — for the purpose of issuing Class X mark list. The subject in which a student has fared worst would be left out.

The decision was taken because SSC board felt that ICSE and CBSE marking systems were more liberal and gave advantage to their students in the Class X exam.

But some parents of ICSE students challenged the system, saying the new SSC system is discriminatory, and even ICSE board should be allowed to adopt the same system.

  • It is a severe mental torture to 2200000 students of state board since many students have taken one subject lightly . There is no doubt about suicide cases again popping up. This decision should have been taken before the results were announced.ITS a big shame that students of SSC are always been targeted since the last three years.To equalise the admission there should be afixed quota for SSC &ICSC ACCORDING to tse no. of students filling forms in that college.I hope this will be taken into account. thank you.

  • chetna patwal

    is there best of five for ssc in 2014 ??