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CBSE Aptitude Test SGAI will Help to Make Right Choice

CBSE Aptitude Test

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come up with a test to gauge the aptitude of students in various subjects. The test is for class X students and is optional.

Experts say that the Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) will help identify unique qualities and abilities of each student and help him or her in making the right choice in the Plus-2 stage and further studies.

“Identifying and optimising abilities while preparing an individual for life is one of the important and meaningful tasks of education. In an ideal situation, a child should be allowed to choose subjects based on his abilities and interests. In order to help the student in this task, the CBSE has designed SGAI, a tool that will measure the aptitude in combination with interest,” said Rama Sharma, project in-charge, CBSE, New Delhi.

The board recently issued a circular in this regard to all its affiliated schools across the country.

The board had earlier conducted a survey before finalising their latest step. “A random survey was conducted in schools by devising a questionnaire to primarily gauge whether the schools, parents and students were aware of aptitude tests, at what stage these tests should be conducted and parents’ attitude towards such tests.

The response received were studied by a group comprising psychiatrists, psychologists, experts in psychometrics and practising counsellors. It was decided to construct a battery of aptitude tests and an interest tests which will be customised to suit the CBSE clientele,” it added.

Bangalore schools affiliated to the board have welcomed the move.“The latest initiative by CBSE will definitely help parents, teachers and students to decide on the nature of subjects to be chosen for higher education,” said Manjula Raman, principal of Army Public School, Bangalore.

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