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CBSE may be autonomous statutory body soon

CBSE Autonomous Statutory Body

Government is mulling upgrading the status of CBSE from a society to a statutory body, a move that will give it more administrative and financial autonomy and widen its functioning.

The Human Resource Development Ministry has prepared a draft Central Board of Secondary Education Bill to make the premier school board a statutory body and is holding consultations with experts in this regard.

If the Bill is passed, CBSE will be the first board in the country to be established by an Act of Parliament. “This bill seeks to make CBSE a statutory body. It will help the board get more freedom and autonomy and achieve excellence,” a ministry official said.

At present, the CBSE is registered as a society. It is carrying out the functions of conducting board exams and announcing results of students of its affiliated schools.
However, it functions under the HRD Ministry and takes decision in consultation with the ministry on all important issues. The statutory status will help it take its own decisions through its board of governors. Besides, its orders will have stringer implications after it becomes a statutory body by an Act of Parliament, the official said.

It will continue to carry out the functions of holding exams and issuing certificates to students. It will also prescribe courses for institutions and affiliate schools in India and abroad. The new status will enhance the financial autonomy of the board. It will prescribe textbooks and other books for study. It will make regulations for penalties for misconduct by teachers and students.

The board will also prescribe qualification for appointment of teachers in institutions affiliated to it.