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CBSE CCE: Schools may set own Class IX Question Papers

After different schools ended up using the same question papers for summative assessment of Class IX this time, CBSE may allow them to set their own papers from next year. For the first time, CBSE provided question papers for Class IX to all schools under the new scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE). But with schools conducting exams on different dates, many students managed to get the questions beforehand by looking at the paper of another school where the exam of a particular subject had already been conducted.
Schools feel this problem may not arise next year if they make their own question papers. CBSE chairperson Vineet Joshi has hinted at this. ‘‘We will be more than happy if schools make their own question papers. We wanted to establish a minimum standard to be followed by the schools and facilitate the completion of curriculum.’’
This time, many students got hold of question papers of other schools through coaching centres. For instance, there were around 12 sets of papers made by CBSE for each subject. The same paper was rotated and used by different
schools. Usha Ram, principal, Laxman Public School, and member of CBSE committee working on CCE, said, ‘‘Every school has been given a different code through SMS to access the question papers sent by the Board on a CD. We have maintained full secrecy. The problem will no longer be there. We will set our own papers from next time.’’
Several coaching centres chipped in and gathered as many sets of each subject as they could and forwarded them to students. Keshav Aggarwal, who runs Pyramid Classes, said, ‘‘The students are now busy collecting question papers. Every paper has a code.’’ He further said, ‘‘Students are even guessing which two schools will have the same paper. Even parents are coming to us for question papers of other schools. Flexibility of schedules has made a mockery of examinations.’’ Joshi declined the possibility of making uniform schedules for summative assessment of Class IX. ‘‘Our intention is not to create another Board exam,’’ he said.
Ameeta Mulla Wattal, principal, Springdales School, Pusa Road, said, ‘‘Schools should make their own papers for Class IX. We had brought up this matter with CBSE chairperson at the annual NPSC meet recently. CBSE will soon take a feedback from schools after the exams and decide accordingly.’’

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Authors: Neha Pushkarna & Manash Pratim Gohain, TNN

  • abhi

    ruined the year of students. foolish

  • eknoor

    thats so unfair…im in ix …..the exams are being held in our school….we study late till night managing to get the best marks nd these students get the question papers nd are so happy after exam is over…..moreover the question papers are full of mistakes ….just lyk an unexperienced person had set them

  • Punam Narula

    As the session for Class x begins in april2010 Kindly hasten to send the syllabus for FAs &SA.

  • great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.it gives the students the practice of studying daily.makes them more responsible,etc,etc,etc

  • Prateek

    kapil sibbal has not done anything good and effective. me as a class 10 student condemns it as it has ruined us

  • Prateek


  • shahzar khan

    i thing schools ko apna question paper khud set karna chaeye varna baccche question paper ke pichhe pare rahate hai lol

  • rishab sharma

    ya its right