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CBSE Class 10th students to get Grades from this year

The results of Class 10 exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be out Friday introducing the new grading system, but students are worried wondering how they will ascertain their exact scores.
“The grading system is good as well as bad. Now because of the new system we won’t know our exact percentage,” said Ankita Mehra, a Class 10 student of Summerville School in Vasundhara Enclave.

“Even if there is a difference of 2-3 percent between two students, the grade system will place them on equal footing. On the other hand, the move is favourable for the average and above average students,” she said.

Aishwarya Kushary from the same school feels the new system has come at a “cost” to their independence.

“As we are marked on everything from behaviour to attitude, this system is being introduced at the cost of our freedom,” Kushary said, adding that she is nervous about the results. “This is a new system I am a bit nervous about my grades,” she said.

Under the new system that began this year, internal assessment marks are added to the board examination scores.

The CBSE has made the Class 10 board exams optional from next year. A system for internal assessment will be there for students not willing to give the board examination.

Students will get grades instead of percentage. The grades will be given on a nine point scale ranging from A1 (excellent) to E2 (dissatisfactory) with D being the minimum pass grade.

A1 represents above 91 score, similarly B1 is 81 to 90, while D is for 33 to 40 marks, and E1 and E2 are below 33. The grades also have equivalent points which starts from 10 for A1 to 4 for D. As the exact marks will not be revealed, these points can be multiplied with 9.5 to get the average marks represented by the grades. Thus, A1 will be equal to 95, A2 – 85.5, B1 – 76, B2 – 66.5, C1 – 57, C2 – 47.5 and D will be equal to 38 average marks.

The exact percentage will, however, be revealed on special request if the board finds it suitable.

“Revealing the marks will defeat the purpose of introducing grades. However, we may make an exception if a student is shifting abroad or on the recommendation of the school principal,” a senior CBSE official said. IANS

  • Supratik pandey

    This will inject the poison of psycophancy and hypocracy into the student’s mind in his formative years. The student will learn how to please a lazy teacher. He will be forced to do the unpleasant activities other than studies. The teacher can never be held accountable in this system. All of us are aware of the quality of teachers in Kendriya Vidyalayas and other CBSE schools. The parents can not lodge their complaints against teaching staffs fearlessly. In a way Government has planted a tree in every school where good fruits will not be allowed to ripe.

  • iam not satisfied with my grades as it left me in confusion about my percentage.could i get my exact marks of cbsc10 result.

  • there is a problem in my roll no teacher is making mistake again again please solve this mistake