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CBSE to conduct re-exam of Physics held in Manipur centres

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to cancel the examination in Physics for All India Senior School Certificate Examination, 2014 held in the centres situated in the State of Manipur. The board stated the reason as “administrative reasons”.

It has been decided to conduct re-examination of Physics in respect of all the centres of Manipur.

The re- examination of Physics (042) for above centres would now be held on Wednesday, the 2nd April, 2014 from 10:00 am to 1:30 p.m.

All the concerned stakeholder are requested to kindly make note of the revised date of re-examination of Physics.

Sign a petition to CBSE for conduct of Class XII physics re-exam all over India. Let your voice be heard! Sign here –

  • Vivek Mudgal

    why not in entire country?????????

    • Rahul

      May be because the papers were leaked in manipur? they should have given the actual reason.

      • Vivek Mudgal

        even if it was leaked in manipur it could be sent anywhere in India

        • ankit

          you are absolutely right brother…

        • jeny

          Bloody Mani… Fucker….are the real problem

  • ankit

    but what if someone from manipur may have sent it to others in the country???

  • sashi kuttan vagathanam

    It’s not fair.C.B.S.E should cancel entire exam..

  • tdrocks

    thats not fair……re-exam should be conducted at all the centres….or no re-exam !!

  • Uchiha

    Reexamination should be held all over india because the papers were leaked on a website which can be visited by anyone in this country. So no doubt that others got the papers too. Please keep it mind CBSE.

  • steven

    Seriously all the people complaining about unfairness probably did horrible in the paper today and are being selfish people because they did horrible..the fact remains that it had majorly leaked in manipur hence the correct decision was called and there is re examination now as for all india the odds that anyone could have copied from your school is one from thousands..with so few odds like that it is honestly not fair to put the majority of those students through another haunting ordeal…Moreover expected questions were asked in the paper if there were to be a re examination it would all be unexpected questions and it will be harder…stop asking for a re examination

    • ankit

      all right mr “self proclaimed “genius who gave you all the stats?

      • Steven

        First there’s no need to be rude and second what facts exactly are you refering to…? I can ask you the same as what stats do you have to say how many did infact cheat..its a fact for sure that first of all most of the people had no idea about this unacceptable leak and second even if they did it was very few people compared to the people such as yourself who probably should have worked harder before the exam and did well rather than ranting now because you see a loophole in the system and abusing it..

        • ankit

          the fact about one in thousand…. how can you be so sure it’s not spread more than we know?Also i did alright in the exam.i think you probably some little bish who got lucky in the paper and doesn’t want to risk your fate in re exam.

          • Steven

            Hey for all we know maybe you are right and I infact dont want to risk my ‘fate’ but the fact is that a Difficult and Lengthy paper is no grounds for a re-examination and for all I know for certain is that most of the people did not have any idea about this ‘leaked’ paper otherwise so many student all over the country would not have been crying out loud about how hard and lengthy the paper was…Infact it is the same people who are ranting right now…You’re argument is invalid…and what is a ‘bish’ ? If you really want to swear at me I honestly would hope you have to courage to do it properly because sir you have just made a fool out of yourself…

          • ankit

            sounds like you also got a copy….

          • Steven

            Good Morning Ankit…So nice to wake up to silly accusations made by people over the internet…You seem to have mixed up hardwork with cheating…But I am not surprised because you seem quite the retard still using bish…First grow a pair then accuse me alright bro ? I think you better be studying for your chemistry because otherwise you’ll be ranting here for a re examination for chemistry as well…

          • stevensucks

            yeah fuark you with an accent bish…..

          • Steven

            Hahahaha 😛

          • stevensucksbad

            Steven how do you know people are not f**king with you unanamously using ‘ankit’ as their guest name?
            feeling shitty? sink the feeling phaggot……

          • Steven

            First off all I think you meant ‘Anonymously’ secondly by swearing at me…It shows ‘abka aukat kya hain’…I come from a very good family and we do not use such words even in desperate times..The world today will be judging your ‘aukat’ (background) and congratulations sir for being a douchebag

          • stevenzmahbish

            if asshole doesn’t pass as a bard word in your family ican very well imagine how sophisticated you and your family of cunts is.

          • stevensuks!!

            t” for all I know for certain is that most of the people did not have any idea about this ‘leaked’ paper otherwise so many student all over the country would not have been crying out loud about how hard and lengthy the paper was…Infact it is the same people who are ranting right now.”
            Dont you think it would we unfair even if just a few thousand people outside manipur may have had it. (BTW that’s not a very drastic assumption…)’ as admission to very good colleges (with very limited seats) is linked to these exams.

          • Steven

            Alright fair enough I understand the concern about the seat etc…But let us be practical here..I have personally done well in this exam and I am expecting a 94+ and even a 96 if the corrections are lenient with a good score such as that one I will certainly be stupid to want a re examination…And as for the leaked paper most of the students outside Manipur even if they had seen it didnt really believe it was true…atleast that was the accounts shared on the internet…The fact remains that even if these certain students who had cheated most probably would not fare better in the other subjects…I really dont think they will stopping me from getting into IIT 😛 I understand your concern bro…But trust me even if they do well in physics the odds that they will be a problem for you getting into a university shouldnt be a problem because other subjects as well as the JEE will be taken into account 🙂 (They will be held accountable…Cheaters dont get very far in life)

  • Rahul

    It should be in entire country …. I myself saw the paper on net but didnt open it as they were images uploaded …. I thought thats something rubbish as i was looking for sample papers … So anyone would have checked it in any part of the country . So it should be in whole coumtry and the students who did good can do it again …

    • steven

      That’s not really the problem…you see every year teacher’s have an idea of expected questions and those which require more attention to…the teachers did infact teach us and we had an idea of what the paper would look like…if there were to be a re examination first of all the paper would not have the expected question and we will be clueless and secondly for all we know it will be harder..the fact is there might be leniency in the correction already because the paper was lengthy and secondly because of this racket it is even more likely they will be lenient so that the students who has worked hard dont feel cheated…the fact is it is much better of like this…but then again these are my opinion and you are entitled to yours

  • Rahul

    If it will be only held in manipur then its totally injustice …

  • abhishek

    Even if it was leaked in manipur it can be leaked somewhere else also we want cbse to cancel paper in all states.

  • yashika

    I also want physics exam to be re conduct.

  • Bob

    So happy I live in Delhi. Haha, all you outside-Delhi fags, poor luck.

    • Steven

      Indeed bro no need to worry 😛 Was the delhi paper long though?

      • Bob

        I personally didn’t find it lengthy, although some of the questions were tricky.

  • disqus_HLuU8MHA6m

    students outside manipur were also benefited …………these papers were available on internet a day before exam…………so what about those who were honest and work hard…………the physics board exam should be conducted again all over india………..i really beg u for tha

    • Vivek Mudgal

      write an email to M C Sharma

  • Bob

    And guys, instead of wasting your time here go study chemistry. The more you read inorganic over and over again, the greater are the chances that you won’t forget the small details in the chapter.

    • Steven

      Yeah lol! 😛

  • Neeraj Vashisht

    They should conduct the examination of Physics in all part of Country instead of Manipur only…this is unfair..Q paper is leaked guys please complain to CBSE on their site and to chairman for re-examination in every part of country…media must should also help us for it….

  • Siddharth Tiwari

    It is quite pathetic to see that cbse, though aware of the fact that once the paper has been leaked in one part of the country must have leaked all over the country through electronic media ,is not considering a re exam all over the country. How can they deny this fact? What about their ” commitment to equity in education ” which they seem to brag about so much? Re exam must take place for everyone in the country as it is to decide our career and also ranking in jee mains. I request cbse to please consider a re test throughout the country . please….

  • alpha

    we should write to media channels and newspapers////