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CBSE Date Sheet 2013 for class X and XII announced

Exam Time

The Central Board of Secondary Education announced the date sheet for the Classes X and XII Examinations, 2013 on Monday. The exams for both the classes to begin on on March 1, 2013 and end by the mid of April 2013.

The schedule can be accessed at with a PDF download function to store the same on your desktop for offline viewing.

About 10 lakh students across the country took the CBSE Board Exams, 2012 and a rise in this figure is expected in 2013. We wish you a good luck for almost last minute preparation and revision.

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  • Aquib

    oh thats awesm…!!!!!

    • amy

      r u nt in Xth??
      den u’ll b hap^y

  • anna

    oh no board exam * everyone please study

  • ratnesh singh

    this is time to study

  • priya

    thanks n mast h date sheet

  • shubham bajpai

    bhut kharab scheme hai yar


    • riddhiparmar

      ab kyaaa yarrrrr 3 paper to khatam ho gaye

    • rony

      ya u r right gautam……

  • ultravoilet

    please change….. class 12th date sheet… 🙁

  • ashu

    plz change 10 date sheet ..plz change science paper becoz only one day gap in this paper

  • Class X, don’t have the full full chapter coming and you all still want …….time for 4 chapter in science……whoever saying time is not enough please don’t take science because if you can’t handle it now, than you will kill yourself in XI


      no problem buudy……..
      chapter no. 4 (carbon and its compounds) yr itz too easy ….

  • Codename..

    Its really unjustice….school based exam giving students will get a long study leave as their exams is to start after the exams of board based will end….!!

  • anshul mittal

    change the 10 date sheet

  • gaurav

    kisne ye ghatiya 10 date seet banayi hai bhai????????

  • yes plz change the date sheet of 10 alteast give one more gap for science paper plzzzzzz

  • anonymous

    plz change the 10th boards date sheet. its very difficult to handle

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  • stunzer

    pls change t time sheet we need days to prepare for social and science pls

  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change 10 datesheet

  • ssc is a vast subject and we dnt hv any gap for it omg………….

  • piya

    its a lovely datesheet ausummmmmm…


    marjaaaaaoooo tum aur tumharaaaa CBSE Ka time table!! GHATAAA chagee karoo abh! -_-


      GHANTAAA change* i mean

    • irfan mohammed

      hahahahhahaha loll!!!!!! =)))))) so true mayn! 😛
      even im an IISrIAN! YO!

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    plzzzzz change the date

  • swayam

    the date selection is wonderful .

  • Jindwari

    Plz make a more holiday in math, science paper plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

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    science & maths r so boring

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    plz change the 10th boards date sheet. its very difficult to handle

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      aa hhhhh

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        kay aa hhhhhhhhh be

  • please change the date sheet OF 10th PLZ GIVE SOME GAPS BETWEEN SST AND SCIENCE

  • rajat agrawal

    one of the worst data sheet ever seen !!!! … please change it… specially science one……

  • saurav gupta

    Please tell me the 11th date sheet

  • akansh jain

    please change this datesheet

  • pragati agarwal

    plz change homescience paper of class 12th it will be very difficult for us to give first accounts paper on 15th and then home science paper on 16th

  • dsdffdfdfx

    What a f%$#*&g date sheet of 10!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wtf???? only one day for computer science..?? assholes >:(

  • ManishaTalan

    plz change the datesheet

  • Rashmi

    ya i am also angry with you all…….. there should be a more holiday for science

  • Rashmi

    sry nt angry …its agree

  • Pls change the date sheet of 10th …. no gap for science !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 1 day !!!

  • harman

    plz we need one or two holidays before sst paper

  • cak dandu

    saleo dandu chak lao paper a gayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuooooooooooo

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  • amy

    dis iz a false tymtable …. we’ve got a diffrnt 1.. 😛

  • amy

    if only we cud get 1 day schedule 4 social…………too hard

  • sruthi

    1 more day for science plssssssss

  • akshay

    i love to study………..i will top in exams

  • shriya

    i want join nsd but i have just paased 10th class can i take addmission there

  • Abhishek

    dear sir
    i am abhishek and i have jst appeared for 10 board exams and i have got E1 in maths. i want to iprove my result.
    and my school is not providing me form for that plz hlp me and provide me full information regaurding this.
    thanking you

    • KaveTM

      What i recommend you to do is purchase guides for maths. ‘GOLDEN’ is a popular guide.


      Get RD Sharma for maths and do all the sums properly..

  • rohan singh

    Hi i am in 10 th and i am scoring 9.6 cgpa in fa and sa both. So r there chances for me to score 10 cgpa . If yes dn plz tell and also plz suggest me dt which is the best stream that i can opt for in which there is high scope for my future

    • priti rajput

      if u hv studied basic of physics and chemistry properly then u must opt for science

    • ram singh

      yes,you can score 10 cgpa in the board exams……..just study properly