CBSE News > CBSE Date Sheet 2015 to be released by the end of January: Official

CBSE Date Sheet 2015 to be released by the end of January: Official

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Update: The date-sheet has been released, read more

According to Joseph Emmanuel, Joint Secretary of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), “It (date sheet) will be displayed on CBSE website by the end of January, 2015”. So for this particular session, the board decided to not follow the ritual of announcing the examinations schedule in the last week of December.

Unlike last year, when the board came forward and issued a circular one month prior to the release of date sheet regarding the announcement (link), this year no such notice has been issued in the public so far on the CBSE website.

After reviewing the date-sheets from last few years, we can safely make a statement that the board examinations 2015 for classes 10th and 12th will commence from March 1st 2015 and will end by the third week of April. We urge the parents and students not to spend their time surfing around websites making speculations regarding the date-sheet announcement, instead be ready to face, and at the same time, crack the exams in whatever order they come in.

The students appearing in the Class 10 and Class 12 would be able to download the time table for the exams after the board announces it in the last week of this month.

  • siddharth

    Its very wrong decision done by cbse as by earlier announcement of date sheet students can make a proper time table of study according to the date sheet and according to the gap btwn the consecutive papers..and there is no loss of cbse in declaring the date sheet earlier..

  • Student

    This is terribly disappointing.

  • jopaa

    its very wrong decision very sad and how we will prepare very very sad today should be

  • Naman Sachdeva

    This is not fair. What’s the point behind this? I think this is because of the lazyness of the officials. Terribly disappointed. 🙁

  • studrnt

    It’s very pathetic,,,cbse should announce soon,,12th is carrer making year so cbse should be very efficient about all matters..

  • Aarti Gola

    why…….? 🙁 helll…. this is not done…. !!
    why should we suffer coz chairman session is ended…??

  • siddharth

    All should have to complaint on the official email [email protected]

    • Ankit

      chlo sab karte hai.

  • virrappan

    Narendra modi ko chitti likhni paddegi

  • virrappan

    Comment karne se accha padh lo tuchiye sab … khalli phokat CBSE wallo ki marr rahe ho !!!

  • virrappan

    Ek no. Manas

  • virrappan

    Lagta hai siddharth Bhai letter likhne gaye

  • virrappan

    Breaking news ….CBSE 2015 date sheet published on


    Atta.majhi sattakli

  • RER

    Tum date sheet ke piiche …date sheet aapke piiche

    .too much fun !!
    Date sheet January end mai aayega ….par dimaag mai nahi

  • action jackson

    Sarthak agarwal ko chiiti likhte Thai

  • akash

    dis is really disgusting.. all states board had published date sheet 1 mnth ago. but cbse is not ready yet to publish.. seriously there is no loss of cbse in declaring date sheet early. god knows wht the hell they are thinkng.. we desperately need 12th date sheet.. kindly publish it as soon as possible.

  • Anurag

    whAt ???
    thiS Is NT DoNe ??
    it Is still very latE AnD CbSe Is GoNiNg tO AnnOUNce ThE DatE ShEeT BY ThE EnD oF JanUArY ???
    anD Fr GOd SakE thE ExAm WiLl ConTiNe TIlL 3rd ApRiL Of ApRiL !
    i GOt My FoUnDatiOn tO ClEAr !
    nT DoNe CBSe !
    pLz UplOaD ThE DatEshEet AS SOon As POssiBke !

  • Lijo

    Wow! what a great wrk by the cbse!! Cbse date sheet 2015..biggest suspense of the year 😛

  • siddharth

    All the board have declare their their date sheet 1 months ago…but cbse will declare the date sheet in april…2015 after board examination

  • Ponga pandit

    World cup final ke din exam rakkha to khuda kasam .. CBSE site hack kardoonga

  • TheExasperatedYoungFellow

    Does it seem like the babus were working on Christmas?!?? What else were they doing for the rest of the year? The chairman only retired last month!! God, PK, somebody, HELP US!!

    • Mannat Sharma

      call 9871698591 for datesheet now

  • Mannat Sharma

    cbse datesheet announced 2nd march eng 4th bst 9th phy 10th his 12th chem 18th maths 20th eco 23rd bio 27th ip 30th phy edu 6th april acc

    • RiTika Singhal

      Can u pls share the link of this information ?

    • shashank sharma

      where did u get that

    • TS

      Where is cs? This appears to be fake..

  • shilpy

    time table declared at off. site

  • meghraj bisht

    what the beep datesheet for comerce…CBSE gon really crazyy