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CBSE may digitize class XII answer sheets

In a move that could benefit students and teachers, the government is considering digitizing answer papers of the class XII board examination from this school year.

Not only would it will reduce evaluation errors and enable easier re-evaluation, it will also ease the task of teachers by allowing them to access the answer papers from anywhere in the country.

The plan is to store the digitized answer papers in a central server that can be accessed instantly through a password.

The Union government-controlled Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has completed a pilot on this during the last class XII board exams and is enthused with the results.

“This initiative is a reform move aimed at benefiting students, at the same time reducing logistical hassles involved in the paper evaluation process,” CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi said.

As a pilot, 500 answer papers of English were digitized in the Delhi circle among the CBSE regions and things will be scaled up in the coming years.

“We have plans to implement it in the class XII board exams of 2012. The students who will give their exams in 2012 will benefit,” Joshi said

“The way the electronic voting machine speeded up the election process, this digitization has the potential to benefit similarly the class XII exam,” the ministry official argued.

“A teacher can sit at his home, log on to his or her computer and start evaluating answer papers. With this, answer papers, for example, of the Ajmer region, can be checked in Chennai region. A teacher can evaluate at his own time,” a CBSE official said on condition of anonymity.

Joshi said in 2012, if not completely, the board will digitize English and economics answer papers. A year later, all papers will be digitized.