CBSE News > CBSE exams begin tomorrow, Class 10 students to be judged on ‘Grading system’

CBSE exams begin tomorrow, Class 10 students to be judged on ‘Grading system’

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) exams for students of Class X and XII will begin from March 3 with those appearing in class tenth boards to be judged through the new ‘grading system‘.

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From the academic session 2009-2010, the CBSE has introduced a grading system for the students of Class 9 and 10.

A CBSE spokesperson said the number of registered candidates have increased from 1462016 in 2009 to 1601646 in 2010, adding that only subject wise grades shall be shown in the “statement of subjectwise performance” to be issued to all candidates.

The new scheme of grading has been introduced to minimise the misclassification of students on the basis of marks.

The new scheme would also eliminate unhealthy competition among high achievers, thereby reducing societal pressure, provide the learner with more flexibility and lead to a focus on a better learning environment.

The grading system would be awarded on a nine point scale thereby indicating the performance of the students subject wise. The performance would be assessed using the conventional method of numerical marking.

Students securing 91 to 100 marks will be awarded A 1 grade, while A 2 grade will be given for those getting 81 to 90 marks.

B 1 grade will be for securing 71 to 80 marks and B 2 for those getting 61 to 70 marks.hose getting marks between 51 to 60 will be awarded C 1 grade, while C 2 grade will be awarded to students securing marks between 41 to 50 and D grade to those getting 33 to 40 marks. 1 grade will be awarded for marks in the range of 21 to 32, while those getting 20 and below will be given the E 2 grade.

The subject-wise percentile score/rank would be provided to the respective schools only on demand.

The practice of declaring Compartment/ Fail will be discontinued under the new grading system. (ANI)

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