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CBSE Grading System in Lower Classes as well

Grading System

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) plans to introduce the grading system in lower classes as well. This was announced by CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi who was in the city on Wednesday. “The grading system has been able to unburden the pressure of examinations, marks and competition that haunted students all the time,” he said.

But attaining good grades should not be the sole aim, he said. “Students and teachers need to explore more if they want to succeed in the era of global competition,” Joshi said while interacting with students, parents and teachers at a school here.

CBSE chairman said schools still believe in the old theory of gravity and classrooms are the only place not connected. “This is in contrast to the present times of knowledge explosion,” he said while underlining the need to go beyond the norms of syllabus and course.

Joshi said the gaps in the education system have to be plugged immediately to ensure that children grow up as individuals capable of competing with their global counterparts. “The onus for this lies on teachers and parents to identify the unique talent in a child and nurture it,” he added.