CBSE News > CBSE to implement Pre-Announced Test (PAT) in Std X, XII

CBSE to implement Pre-Announced Test (PAT) in Std X, XII

The CBSE has decided to introduce the ‘open book exam’ concept for its board exams (Std X, XII) from academic session 2013-14. It won’t literally be an open book exam. It will be called the ‘Pre-Announced Test’ (PAT) and will be applicable for all Std X subjects and some major ones of Std XII.

Four months before the exam, students will be made aware of the test they will appear for. They will test students’ analytical power. A formal announcement will be made in December.

PAT functions like the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) system that some education boards, including Maharashtra, are implementing. In the SSC exam, an out-of-syllabus passage is given to students and they are asked questions that cannot be answered word-for-word just by looking at the matter. For example, if the passage has a line saying, ‘Rajesh goes to school everyday and learns about animals, new countries and math formulae’, the question would be ‘Why does Rajesh go to school?’ The expected answer would be “Rajesh goes to school to increase his knowledge about the world around him.”

Under PAT, the same passage would be taught to students four months before the exam. The student will be expected to analyze various relevant questions that could be asked. On the day of the CBSE exam, PAT will not produce the passage, but there will be questions based on it. via toi