CBSE News > CBSE to introduce Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)

CBSE to introduce Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)

Problem Solving

Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)

The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to replace one of the four formative assessments (FA) with a problem solving assessment (PSA) for Classes IX and XI.

The proposal was made during a governing meet in June and the first test will be conducted on January-February 2013 for Class IX, said a CBSE official. However, school principals are questioning the need for such changes.

According to a CBSE official, the pen-paper test will replace one of the FA. The schools under the CCE scheme conduct four FAs in two terms. “The PSA is not a new test but it will replace the already existing pen-paper test in the FA. The only difference will be that PSA will be conducted by the Board in the respective schools and the evaluation will be done by the Board. The exam will be conducted on the same day and the question paper will be provided by the Board,” said chairman of CBSE, Vineet Joshi. According to CBSE sources, the 90-minute test will have nothing from the textbooks. It will comprise of questions from mathematics and an English passage from old essays or contemporary fiction.

School principals, however, are questioning the need for such changes and believe that the test will go against the philosophy of FA. “When the whole understanding of problem-solving is integral to CCE, we will go back to the pencil-paper mode through this test. Though it will not affect grades and students will not need additional preparatory studies, I don’t think there is any requirement when the system (CCE) is settling down. Such changes are undesirable as we need to consolidate now,” said principal of Springdales, Pusa Road, Ameeta Mulla Wattal. via toi

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    Please stop EXPERIMENTING and just let the students be, cbse is causing more STRESS to the students by their indecisive approach.

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    the experimenting done by CBSE is rather helping students to explore more, and also learn more.

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