CBSE News > CBSE Inviting applications for project “Innovation in Schools”

CBSE Inviting applications for project “Innovation in Schools”

The CBSE invites projects on innovation in the areas of school education from Individuals/Firms/Institutions/Non- Govt. Organisations/Agencies/Trust/Companies for collaboration with CBSE in bringing out a well researched document on ‘Innovation and Best Practices in school Education’.

There has been an increase in debate about innovation in education since 2008. Researchers and practitioners in innovation are engaged in a discourse about how to design public resources that deliver different and better outcomes at a lower cost. The primary target of innovation in education is to derive maximum outcomes using fewer resources. ‘Radical Efficiency’ requires looking at these new perspectives of challenges and new perspectives in solutions. There has been an increasing need to think about how to grow and foster conducive conditions for innovation in education systems. Critical to this is creating opportunities for ideas to develop. Ideas develop in a network- network of collaborative effort firing new ways in chaotic spaces creating new pathways. There is a need to motivate the larger population to come out of the traditional treatment of education and become more productive, innovative, civil and democratic.

Innovation in Schools: CBSE Project

CBSE recognizes that in the next few years the country will swarm with young people wanting to learn, especially with the introduction of Right to Free and Compulsory Education. With the changing demographics where there will be an increase in young population, disruptive innovation may have the biggest payoffs. There will be a need to reach out to children from disconnected and poorest parts of the country.

CBSE, being a premier organization in spearheading changes in educational opportunities invites representations from organisation which harness the power of learner ownership. This approach encourages project or enquiry based learning, making the voice of students more meaningful and encouraging peer to peer teaching and mentoring, exhibiting a positive learning experience and environment.

All those interested are encouraged to upload their innovative practices with evidence, on the link provided. They can upload website links, photographs and videos.

  • Cadilipksingh

    Is Government really serious about improvising the education standard in Government Schools? Mid-Day Meal will not improvise the quality in Government Schools. God knows who are their strategy makers and advisors.

  • Tarique Sohrab

    There should be an innovative ideology in spreading  the  fragrance of education under the canopy of CBSE, but along with it, there should also be a survey on the various  kinds of innovations. Again, a thoughtful matter is: which type of innovation should be conducive in the atmosphere of education from primary to senior level of classes. Specification is needed.

    K. M. Tariq