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CBSE inviting nominations for National Award for Child Welfare

Ministry of Women and Child Development requests nominations for the ‘National Award for Child Welfare 2013-14’. These awards will be conferred on 14th November 2014 for outstanding contribution towards child welfare. The National Award for Child Welfare, 2013-14 will be given to 3 individuals and 5 institutions who have worked for the welfare of children for some years.

CBSE being one of the authorised institutions to nominate and recommend eligible institutions or individuals for the awards requests all those who are interested to submit their details latest by 20th March 2014.

The Criteria for selection is as follows:

  1. For Institutions- Institutions should be those that are not entirely Government funded. They could be Government aided or otherwise. The institutions should have been in the field of child welfare for some years and should have to their record, a good performance in the field. The branches of institutions working independently will also qualify for selection for the award. The selection will be made solely on the basis of quality of performance and the number of children served by the institution.
  2. For Individuals- the individuals to be selected for the award should have worked for the cause of children for some years. Salaried/paid officers of the institutions will not be eligible for selection. The sole basis of selection will be the quality of work performed by the individual for the cause of children and its significance of the cause.

The details and application proforma are available at http://wcd.nic.i n/awardcw.htm

All those interested in applying for these awards for their respective schools/institutions or in individual capacity may submit details by filling in the application proforma available through above-mentioned link. The filled in proforma along with relevant supporting documents may be sent to Director (Academic, Research, Training and Innovation) CBSE Shiksha Sadan, 17-Rouse Avenue, New Delhi -110002 by 20th March, 2014. In case of any queries related to this, you may contact Ms. Neha Sharma at telephone number – 011 23237779 or at [email protected]