CBSE News > CBSE to launch ‘Waves of Change’ program for schools in October

CBSE to launch ‘Waves of Change’ program for schools in October

Waves of Change

The CBSE in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Ministry of Urban Development (MOUD) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GmbH (GIZ – formerly known as GTZ) has introduced the `National School Sanitation Initiative (NSSI)’ with the aim to inculcate good sanitation habits among the school children in order to acquaint, inspire and celebrate excellence towards School Sanitation at the National Level.

Under the National School Sanitation Initiative (NSSI), launched on 27th April 2010 it has been made mandatory for all schools to focus on the practical aspects of sanitation in its right perspective, laying emphasis on personal hygiene, proper sanitation, clean toilet habits, safe drinking water, separate toilets for girl students, disposal of waste water, waste water recycling, waterless urinals, waste segregation and composting, food hygiene, creation and conservation of green spaces etc.

Accordingly, Online National School Sanitation Ratings were instituted on 7th July 2011 with the purpose of recognizing those schools which are taking significant steps towards effective sanitation and improvement in service delivery leading to the desired behavioural and attitudinal changes towards hygiene and sanitation. The CBSE’s Comprehensive School Health Manuals also address the issue of sanitation in schools. Sanitation is one of the six areas and themes that have been identified for a school to improve its performance in
becoming a ‘Health Promoting School’.

It is advised that you visit the school sanitation website and get your school an online Sanitation Rating.
Further, since quite some time, it was being felt that a massive activity oriented awareness generation and internalization of the new vistas in education in India is needed and hence in this perspective, the “Waves of Change (WoC)” program has been conceptualized. In this program there will be involvement of schools in such a manner that a wave like pattern involving the cities (where the schools are situated) would be made moving apparently towards Delhi.

The Board proposes to launch the ‘Waves of Change’ program in the second week of October 2012.

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