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CBSE MCQ for Class 9


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) mandatory for all subjects for students of class nine appearing for exams in 2011-12.

With over 10,000 affiliated schools in the country, the board in a recent circular stated that while MCQs were limited to science till last year, this year they have been extended to all subjects like social studies, maths etc.

In 2009, the board had taken up an initiative to generate a sizeable bank of questions in each subject. Teachers had to submit the MCQs to the board online and the board with its experts evaluated them.

“The questions can be used by the teachers, students and paper setters. They can be used as question banks, which if properly designed and developed by expert teachers will be an excellent source of learning for students,” said Sujata Menon principal, New Horizon School, Panvel.

Educationists are happy with this development. “It is about time we move towards objective-type questions rather than the lengthy subjective style. Already, most of the entrance exams for professional degrees are entirely objective-type questions,” said Deepshikha Srivastava, principal of Rajhans Vidyalaya, Andheri.

According to her, developing MCQs will help teachers assess their way of teaching. MCQs test the concept of students and require to be framed in a certain way.

But the multiple choices given to a question need to be relatively ambiguous so as to increase the difficulty level.

  • mohammed nafih

    super test.!!!!

  • akshay agarwal

    really test is mind blowing but no any sample paper or idea available for students to prepare