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CBSE Physics Question Paper was leaked, Confirmed!

A website named ‘’ published an article disclosing the leakage of of Physics examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on March 5, 2014. Following the report, the board announced the conduct of re-examination in Manipur.

The leakage is said to be made in Imphal (capital of the Indian state of Manipur) and allegedly all three sets of the Physics question paper were available online and offline a day before the day of exam.

All the three sets of question paper for Physics for class XII, which we uploaded on our website as “leaked out” question paper sold in the State for a sum of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 turning out to be the exact question paper for the examination which was distributed among the examinees on March 5.

Before uploading the “leaked out” question paper on our website, we contacted every possible forum related to CBSE for confirmation.

But the response we get was the usual ‘don’t listen to rumour’, which is very unfortunate.

According to CBSE Chairman, Vineet Joshi, there is no information of any paper being leaked anywhere with the CBSE.

He said, “CBSE has a tight security and there is no way anything can leak. However, I am going to look into the matter immediately to insure this news is confirmed before rumors spread even further.”

There was an article published by a Manipuri news website, on this front publicizing the issue and the an online link of the leaked paper uploaded on their website, but they decided to bring the article and question paper file down.

Below is the glimpse of text they published titled “CBSE Physics question paper for today on sale” and dated March 05, 2014 02:50 AM .

Soon after getting the question paper, the students thronged at the residences of eminent Physics teachers and tutors offering huge sum of money for solving the questions.

Some students claimed that the English question paper was also available before the examination and the same questions were asked in the examination.

All three sets of “leaked” Physics question paper were for Outside Delhi and they are to be used in other regions of CBSE.  The question papers have been uploaded on Hueiyen Lanpao’s website (

The question papers can also be downloaded directly from the link (

Earlier, there have been several complaints regarding improper conduct of CBSE examinations in the State. Notably, a student from the State had even topped the AISSC Examination few years back and the State Government had given huge amount of incentive. But he is not to be heard anymore and the school that produced the all-India topper has not been able to replicate the same feat.×357.png
The authorities concerned should properly investigate if there is a gang of question racketeers operating in the State.

Screenshot of PDF File shared all over the Internet before the exam.

Screenshot of PDF File shared all over the Internet before the exam.

Another website named Kangla Online ( which also uploaded the leaked question paper on their website took the article down but forgot delete the question paper file from their servers, which is still available online ( at the time of writing this piece of text.

The PDF file, according to it’s properties, was created on March 4, 2014 (9pm), again a day before the board exam.

So we would like to draw a conclusion that the question was actually leaked in Manipur and all over the Internet. Please let us know through the following comment form, if you’d like to petition for the re-conduct of physics examination all over India.

Sign a petition to CBSE for conduct of Class XII physics re-exam all over India. Let your voice be heard! Sign here –

  • Chinmoy

    There should be re-exam for Physics all over India,cause even though paper was leaked in Manipur there are possibilities tht some students from other parts of India were in contact with there friends or someone in Manipur so they also can easily get the papers and besides the paper was uploaded and was sold in World Wide Web and it was definitely a free access to every one.So anyone aware of this from before can easily get it.

  • Balvinder Singh

    There should be Re-Exam of Physics all over India. If the paper has leaked in Manipur there is a great possibility of it to be spread throughout the country by the means of Internet… The students who have got the paper have been benifitted. It is not good. Each and every student should give the re-exam as per the rules.

  • RAM


  • Anonymus

    No bloody exam should be there .. Are we all ‘velle’ that will study agn and agn for physics .. Next to impossible !

  • retest

    save our lives by conducting retest…

  • Against Retest

    retest ka kya matlab hai
    retest who chate hai joe ek baar main acha nahi kar pay unka kya jinhone mahnat ki

  • Naman Sachdeva

    We want a reconduction all India. This leak may have got to students over the country. All India paper should be conducted