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CBSE to Promote Indian Cultural Heritage in Schools

Indian Cultural Heritage through Classical Music and Dance

The Central Board of Secondary Education has always been advocating all-round development of personality of students through holistic education. Recently introduced scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation demands equal attention to co-scholastic activities such as Music, dance, fine-arts and life-skills etc in addition to achievement of students in scholastic domain. Providing opportunity to students to develop and nurture their innate creative talent and skills is an essential responsibility of the school. Active participation in performing arts and fine arts activities certainly help the students develop greater aesthetic sensibilities and self-fulfillment. In a fast changing technology centred society which is characterized by mechanical and programmed life-styles, it is crucial to strengthen the cultural roots by creating awareness, promoting, popularizing and preserving national heritage. This is likely to make the lives of individuals more enriching, fulfilling and self-satisfying. The easiest way is to encourage the youngsters to develop an interest and taste in classical music, dance, folk forms, theatre, workshops, yoga and meditation etc.

The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among youth (SPIC MACAY) has been rendering its services in this field for many years. It organizes musical concerts, dance events and other similar cultural programmes for schools and colleges in different parts of the country, creating awareness and opportunities for the youth to enjoy live performances of renowned artists. Besides providing an exposure for the students to classical music, dance and other art forms, these events also inspire students to appreciate the intrinsic value of our national heritage. Such events also serve the purpose of refining and elevating the interests of students in song, dance and other areas of cultural heritage..

Schools are advised to utilize the opportunity to bring great artists to the portals of their institutions. Individual schools, group of schools or Sahodaya school complexes may organize

SPIC MACAY events/workshops to benefit their students. Schools may contact at the following address for complete details.

Ms. Sumita Dutta/Ms. Meena Joshi
Co-ordinator-schools 41/42, Lucknow
Road, Delhi-110 054.
Tel: 011- 26596203/26596451
Mobile: Ms. Sumita Dutta:09873270070
Ms. Meena Joshi : 09873422533
Email: [email protected]

Source: CBSE Circular No. 50/10