CBSE News > CBSE students can take Optional Proficiency Exam in May 2011

CBSE students can take Optional Proficiency Exam in May 2011

Optional Proficiency Test

Class 10 students in CBSE schools will now have the option to appear for a board-conducted ‘proficiency test’ for the first time next year, the CBSE board said in its most recent circular. The optional test will held in May-June next year and will be based on multiple-choice questions. The introduction of this test is a part of the board’s ongoing examination reforms.

“The proposed proficiency test is being conducted with the broad objective of acting as a benchmark in testing the skills and higher mental abilities of students and providing feedback to students and parents on how well students have achieved the desired learning objectives,” said the circular dated September 1.

The test will be based on what students have studied in Classes 9 and 10 but will assess problem solving skills, practical application abilities and students’ understanding of every day life.

There will be a separate test in each of the five different subjects — English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Hindi — and students can choose to appear in whichever one they wish to.

“A proficiency test measures an individual’s abilities and skills in a domain or subject to know how well he/ she has learned, understood and internalised the related concepts and principles,” said the circular.

This will be the third kind of test that the board will offer, in addition to the optional board exam to be held for the first time in 2011 and the already instituted aptitude test.

“It would be a more challenging kind of test for gifted students who wish to take it, in the same league as an Olympiad,” said Avnita Bir, principal of RN Podar School at Santacruz.