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CBSE UAE Science Topper

CBSE Science Topper


Charu Jangid, a class 12 Indian student at The Millennium School (TMS) by GEMS here, has topped the UAE school science charts following a revaluation of her Chemistry paper.

With a Chemistry exam score of 96.6 per cent, Charu claimed the Number 1 spot among 3,573 students in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams.
On receiving her initial grades in May, Charu had applied for a re-evaluation.
“I was confident that my Chemistry paper had gone really well as I had discussed it with my teacher, so when I saw my grade, I felt that I need to have it re-evaluated,” says Charu.

“Apparently there was a mistake in the totalling of my marks which was then corrected.”

The TMS student was awarded six additional marks by the CBSE board, with those extra points taking her past the previous victor and making Charu the new UAE science stream topper.

Michael Guzder, The Millennium School Principal, said “This is an extremely proud moment for all of us at TMS. Charu is an exceptional student with a bright future ahead of her. Becoming the UAE science topper is a phenomenal achievement, and we are delighted for her and her family.”

Charu will begin her studies in Applied Sciences and Engineering with an emphasis on Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania, an ivy-league school in the United States, this October.

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