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CBSE to have a website with Complete Details of Schools

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Parents and students will soon be able to evaluate a school’s conformity with several CBSE guidelines such as academic, infrastructural, safety and other byelaws online.

All schools affiliated to CBSE have been ordered by the Board to begin their own websites highlighting their levels of compliance of all of CBSE norms, which would include details about teachers, student strength, contact details of administrators, etc.

CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi said in a letter sent to all CBSE affiliated schools that they must comply with the orders of the board within six months and also prepare annual reports which they can publish on their websites and make them openly available online.

The CBSE currently has over 10,500 schools affiliated to it in not only India but also abroad in a few foreign countries. These schools have also been asked by the board to specify timelines by when they will have complied with certain CBSE byelaws that they are currently unable to meet.

The affiliation byelaws stipulated by the CBSE are related to the governance structure, land area as well as other physical infrastructure and facilities, salaries of employees, teacher-to-student ratio, policies of admission and fee structure adopted by the school.

According to sources, the move was initiated by Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, who is currently aiming at ensuring more transparency in all educational institutions.

Several technical institutions such as engineering and management schools have been asked by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to place details of their teachers, students, infrastructure, fee policy and governance structure on heir respective websites.

The letter from CBSE that had been sent to schools mentioned that it had been made mandatory by the board for all schools to develop their own websites that contain comprehensive information about the schools and their managements.

An order dated August 5, 2010 from the Central Information Commission also states that all CBSE affiliated schools are required to place the status of the implementation of the CBSE norms on their websites.