CBSE News > Chennai region tops in CBSE class 10 results

Chennai region tops in CBSE class 10 results

The CBSE class 10 results were declared on Friday with the girls once again doing better than the boys. More than 9 lakh students took the exams this year out of which 90 per cent girls and 88 per cent boys cleared it.

Chennai has the maximum pass percentage at 96. As per the region-wise performance, Chennai is followed by Ajmer with 93.51 per centstudents becoming eligible for qualifying certificates. In Delhi, 89.04 per cent students became eligible for it.

The exams were held under the new grading system for the first time this year.

Under the new grading system, the CBSE has introduced a nine-point scale — A1 (91-100 marks), A2 (81-90), B1 (71-80), B2 (61-70), C1 (51-60), C2 (41-50), D (33-40), E1 (21-32) and E2 (20 and below). Under the new grading system thosestudents , who obtain the qualifying grades D and above in all subjects, will be awarded qualifying certificate. CBSE has done away with the practice of declaring any candidate failed.

A total of 9.02,747 candidates had registered for the board exam held in March this year.

This year 89.28 per cent students have become eligible for qualifying certificate against 88.84 per cent of students clearing the test last year. While 90.68 per cent girls have become eligible for qualifying certificates, 88.30 per cent boys have cleared the test.

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