CBSE News > Class X CBSE students to appear for 1st Aptitude Test tomorrow

Class X CBSE students to appear for 1st Aptitude Test tomorrow

CBSE Aptitude Test

Students of class X from CBSE schools are looking forward to the first-ever Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) exam on Saturday. The approximately two-and-a-half hour paper-and-pencil test is set to comprise a battery of aptitude tests combining the interest profile of a student.

“Students are looking forward to it but there is no stress about the exam. We don’t really know too much about what we will be writing so everyone is keeping cool. We are going in with an open mind. We were told it would test our intelligence quotient, scientific, mathematical and general knowledge,” said Dhruv Bhat D of P S Senior Secondary School in Mylapore.

Students had been told they could take the Board-conducted optional proficiency test in May for their five main subjects, he added. This test was intended to assess students’ ability to understand and apply concepts from their learning of a subject to real-life situations.

In earlier circulars, the CBSE had pointed out that the SGAI was meant for students of secondary classes, a period which coincides with the onset of adolescence and the formation of rudimentary career concepts. It is crucial to give a child a road map that is realistic and favorable at this time, the note added.