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Code to Learn Contest – 2017 by Google India

Computer Programming is a vast creative field which are affecting our lives daily, in many different ways. One very important aspect about programming is that ideas can become reality very quickly because of the modern and powerful programming tools available today.

The ‘Code to Learn’ is a contest being organized by Google India to promote coding tools Scratch and App Inventor, for students which help them learn the principles of computer programming. These tools have been developed at MIT, USA and both are free and open-source to all. By using these tools, students can create animations, stories, games and even Android apps. Through this contest, students will not only learn these modern tools but also develop interest in programming.

Important information about the contest:
1- Students in classes 5th to 10th are eligible for the contest.
2- They will participate in 3 categories – classes 5th & 6th, classes 7th & 8th and classes 9th &10th.
3- Only one project submission is allowed per student.
4- Project will be submitted online.
5- Last date for submission the Project is 10th September 2017.

For participation in the contest and further details kindly visit: