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Common School System (CSS) better option than CBSE ?

Common School System (CSS)

Based upon the overwhelming enquiries that the CBSE schools in Chennai are getting, it is clear that there will be a mass exodus of students from matriculation schools to CBSE schools with the entry of the Common School System (CSS)

Though awareness campaigns are being presented by many matriculation schools they still feel unsure about their future in terms of retaining their students against the tide.

D. Christ Das, president, Nursery, Primary, Matric Higher Secondary School Managements’ Association says, “We are doing our best to explain to parents that the CSS would be a better option for students in comparison to CBSE.”

At Everwin Matriculation School parents received a circular in question- answer format to reinforce that Matric schools will enjoy more success than CBSE schools.

The circular talked about CBSE’s abolition of Std. X examination and of fixing a pass mark of 33 percent against 35 percent in Matric and other State Boards.

Yet admissions to CBSE schools are increasing. M. J. Padmanabham, principal, Sindhi Model School, said, “There has been 20 per cent increase in admissions, especially for Class I and VI, One reason is that parents are not clear about the choice of languages offered under the CSS.”

But David Amritraj, director, Madurai Kamaraj University says, “In rural areas private schools are complacently ignorant of all these developments.”

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