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Computers in Engineering Graphics Laboratories

CAD in Engineering Graphics

The syllabus of the subject “Engineering Graphics” at Sr. Secondary level has been revised and Computer Aided Design (CAD) has been introduced in practicals of both Classes XI and XII as highlighted below :

Class XI (Practicals)

Making different types of graphic designs/ murals for interior / exterior decorations in colour using the knowledge of geometrical figures with the use of any computer software such as COLLAB-CAD, CORAL DRAW, PHOTOSHOP etc.

Class XII (Practicals)

“Computer Aided Design” (CAD) – A project. Project file to be submitted on simple solids (prisms, pyramids and frustums of equilateral triangle, square pentagon and hexagon) or machine blocks as prescribed in part I by using “Computer Aided Design” (CAD) software. The above mentioned practicals can be conducted only with the help of computers with internet connection and necessary softwares. Accordingly, sufficient number of computers may be provided in Engineering Graphics laboratories so that effective teaching learning can take place.