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Now Delhi University (DU) Colleges are Free Wifi Zones

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As DU colleges become free Wi-Fi zones, students are excited about replacing notebooks with laptops

Ever since Sri Ram College of Commerce, Ramjas College and Hindu College became Wi-Fi zones, the students there have become perpetually ‘connected’, with many of them replacing notebooks with laptops. And with the new academic session on the fore, even the fuchchas entering DU are looking for technical grooming before they enter the campus.
Says DU aspirant Ritu Juneja, “I have friends in DU who say they have to take endless notes, so, they do it on laptops now. It’s faster to type than write. Even I’ll take mine to college.” Those who don’t own laptops are now making a beeline at computer hubs like Nehru Place. Aspirant Balendu says, “I’ve seen several options and have almost decided on one, which is handy and portable. I’ll buy it soon.”
Shopkeepers, of course, are happy with the influx of prospective customers. Harjeet Singh of Delhi Trade Zone, says, “Students often ask for specific models. With girls, stylish designs and brand names matter.” Richa from Shree Laptop Solutions, says, “We receive many queries from students, particularly those from South Campus.”
The best price, followed by reliability and looks is what a student wants in a laptop. A shopkeeper from Desh International says, “Students usually ask for laptops in the range of 25-30k.”
It seems that colleges are also in-sync with the tech-savvy generation, as some colleges have made tie-ups with laptop vendors, says Isha, a Ramjas College alumnus, “My college had tied up with an IT vendor for cheaper laptops. It was a new idea then and not many had expressed interest. I’m sure the reaction would be different now.”