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DU cut-offs 2010 delayed ?

DU Cut Off List

The news of teachers from more than 50 Delhi University (DU) colleges having dissociated themselves from the admission process, as a mark of protest against the semester system comes as a blow to the students nervously awaiting the first cut-offs. With the teachers out of the picture, the principals will have to prepare the list with the help of non-academic staff, and there might be a delay in the due date of first cut-offs release, giving a reason for DU applicants to complain.

DU aspirant, Pooja Sharma who has applied for BCom Hons says, “Some of us have applied for colleges apart from DU and now, we have to decide between DU and the other colleges. So, if the cutoffs don’t come on time, we cannot decide whether to choose DU or the other colleges and some of us might lose out on a college of our choice if we wait for DU.”
“Apart from Delhi University, I am applying to other private colleges also, in case I don’t get in, but DU is my first choice. And since their results are out, I’m expected to pay the fee soon, but with the delay in the cut-offs, I’ll just be left hanging between the two,” says Raghav Sinha, another DU aspirant.
Ananya, a 17-year old Economics Hons aspirant, says, “The CATE and BBA results have already come out, so if DU decides to delay its cut-offs, we wont be able to decide whether we want to take up BBA or CATE or take up a course in DU because we won’t know which DU colleges we are getting through.
Sachita, a pass out from Mount Carmel agrees, “I want to do either BBA or Eco Hons, and depending on the colleges I’m getting, I will choose which course I am going to take up. So, if DU doesn’t come out with the cutoffs on the stipulated date, some of us wont know which course to choose and might lose out on the course/college of our choice.”
Shivani Dewan, a student from Mother’s International, says, “Its already been a month since the class 12 results, and our anxiety levels are already high because we are anxious to know in which colleges we are getting admission. People who have got 60-70 per cent will have a tougher time because they will have to wait for the third list to come out and have to wait for a long time.”
However, there are a few students who aren’t that worried about this strike. Says Praachi Kumar, “All that this delay will do is create stress and anxiety because we have to wait for a longer period of time to know where we stand. It won’t change or affect my decision much because I have applied only to DU. It’s just a delay, nothing else.”
Aditya Narayan, a student applying through the ECA quota says, “I have applied to all the colleges through the ECA quota, so this delay won’t really affect me. If I’m talented enough, the college will take me. So, unless the ECA trials get delayed, this delay isn’t going to affect my decisions or career in any way.”
It seems like a waiting game for the anxious aspirants who are feeling the heat due to this delay.