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No Homework for CBSE School Students

No Homework

Good news for school children, as much as for their parents. No more homework for children in schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is setting a trend for other boards.

These schools are in the process of doing away with the seemingly agonising task of homework, the burden which every child carries back home — and in most cases, shared by their parents or older siblings, too.

The CBSE board under the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme has issued instructions to all schools to minimise the system of homework and tests from the school curriculum as part of classroom assessment of students.

“We have received the notice and are in the process of ending the system of homework completely from our school curriculum,” Manju Sharma, principal, Delhi Public School (DPS), South, told DNA. “Anyway, we are following the process of not giving homework to children till Class V. We have homework only for higher classes; that too based on applications. We have one project work in a week for each student.”

“Parents, students, teachers and principals said that too many tests, assignments, projects, homework and review tests (in some schools, as many as seven tests a week) are being held. Many a time, projects given to students to be done at home lead to no real learning as they are either done by siblings or parents or conveniently outsourced to entrepreneurs,’’ said the recent circular by CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi.

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  • Mohan

    New CCE system may enhance the curriculam development of children and the schools. But due to heavy burden for the children as well as the teachers, they could not concentrate on the psychological and moral aspects of the children especially adolescents. It should be taken care by the board and as well as the schools.

  • Niraj Kumar CHATRA

    I don’t think that it is a good decision and beneficiary to students. If there will no homework students of junior classes will not study properly as they have not developed sense of responsibility. so C.B.S.E. should think on it and change the decision as soon as possible.

  • Ashwin.kc

    i am a student who is experiencing this new system (cce) ,which was meant to take off the burden on students ,but what these people dont understand is that this system of education is doing just the opposite!
    We are having to do so many projects and assignments even for P.T! And moreover we are being given surprice tests and loads of homework!
    and this is still going on instead of the final exam declaring the major part on t he decision of promotion its now based on everything which puts a very heavy stress on us students! We are constantly worried about the results and thinking that we are being judged this movement continuesjy make us more stresfull than ever.
    So my request to the people who took up th is decision is just to please change it to the way it was before as it is much better from our perspective.
    Now im preparing fnr my sa-1 exam and believe me its stressful, more han it has been before this cce buissness!
    Hope this will be heard.