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IIT JEE Admission Pattern May Change Next Year

The admission pattern and scheme may be changed from next year as the panel from Human Resource and Development Ministry has recommended seventy percent weightage to class 12 marks and thirty percent marks for performance in an aptitude test. The aptitude test may be conducted more than once a year.

A cutoff list on the basis of the class XII result and the aptitude test will be prepared in the month of June every year and the top 40,000 will have to take an additional test for IITs. Over four lakh students now appear for IIT-JEE in a single test.

The panel headed by Damodar Acharya, director of IIT Kharagpur, that gave its report to HRD minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday, has also suggested that the aptitude test be an ongoing affair which students can take more than once. However, the best score in the aptitude test —which will have questions on reasoning, numerical ability and communication skills — should be taken into account.

It is only the add-on test for the top students that will have questions on physics, mathematics and chemistry. However, the panel has put a restriction on the number of times the add-on test can be taken.

Also, unlike the present system, students will have to indicate right at the beginning whether they are applying for the IITs or other institutes — like Indian Institute of Science Education & Research — whose admission test is also conducted through JEE. Students will also have to spell out their choice of branch of engineering or stream of pure science.

  • Nannu

    Here NEXT YEAR implies 2011 or the coming academic year i.e.2011-12 ??????

  • Sushant

    Sir r u sure that the pattren will change for next year. But what about for the droppers . If some one got 71% in his board.

  • is this change in iit pattern will be applicable for students going from 11th to 12th

  • what does next year imply ???
    2011 or after 2011……………….

  • amardeep

    what the nxt year implies…………………………………….!
    the 2011 examination or 2012 examination

    • rahul

      2013 exams

  • amardeep

    for apptitude test is there any ned to go for coaching

    • Rahul Ag Bgn

      no aptitude test is easy and is based on common sense


    sir plz give me idea about apptitude test, sir i am hindi medium student will it affect in apptitude test.

    • rahul

      no aptitude test is easy and is based on common sense



  • its not gud at all guys

  • Shubham MAurya

    i am not able to understand that is there any change in pattern or not

  • akash deep

    what type of aptituide test…… of phy,chem and maths??????????????make clear

  • akash deep

    one thing more what about aieee

  • annie

    sir, after this, will it be useful to go kota for iit coaching after 10th? or all this coaching institutes for iit preparation will become useless??? i’m planning to move kota after class 10 ….will it be worthful?

  • Anish


    Kindly tell me how much is the weightage is going to be given for 12th board exams and how different boards will be equalised?

    • Rahul Ag Bgn

      40% and all boards are turning into cbse may be!!!1

  • Purvikasingh75

    from which sesseiom ds will be applied

    • rahul Agarwal


  • rupesh kumar

    sir can you tell me what type of question  pattern of aptitude test (iit 2013)

  • shubham sharma

    what is the need to change the patern of JEE ,the current pattern is the best ongoing patern

  • Shashanksamar

    sir it is fix that the IIT Pattern may change or not

  • ck

    is it confrm tat iit pattern will be changed  can cbse be quick as almost all the coachngs have begun                 n wether we shud join a jee coachng or a board  lvl wat will be a betr option

  • Namrata_singla

    sir, exactly what changes will occur in iit selections in next year?

  • sskumar

    There is no need to change the present IIT pattern.  Change of pattern would only pave way for deterioration of IIT standard worldwide.  When already IITs lagging behind when compared to world class universities abroad what is the need for encouraging the mug up formula instead of concept based learning.

  • ajay

    Change of IIT pattern is a thoughtless decision

  • K Vijaya

    Students who manage to enter in IITs ,based on CBSE syllabus, may find it difficult to cope up with the IIT syllabus as most of them are not exposed to conceptual learning.  There is a danger of quitting IITs when pressure mount on them.

  • Siva

    If hasty decision is taken on IIT Jee pattern , the time is not far away to with draw the decision 


    this pattern is worst for the students who are taking special coaching for iit entrance examination which is like a dream for them but this pattern will give them a big shock because the students which are like a parrot will get a fully free chance to get into iit and then iiteians will be like a parrot who knows nothing but considering them to be superior from other superior ones who are superior in thier real life because they had beaten them to be an iiteian but it has all got worst only because of a worst person who is XYZ .SO THE SUPERIOR ONES .BE WITH ME .WE CAN CHANGE THIS PATTERN.

  • most wanted

    this will ruin our studies .as we get good percent in class 12 by mugging up………………

  • Meetviktor

    So good hand writing and nice figure drawing capability(Instead of better analytical capability)… will be next criterion get into IIT’s…….great thinking….I guess whosoever have thought of this must be from other galaxy…:)