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Is ISEET 2013 proposal a boon or bane for institutes?

The Human Resource Development Ministry is all set to go ahead with its plan to conduct a common engineering entrance examination from 2013, but the first nation-wide test may only cover technical institutions funded by the Centre.

FIITJEE, the country’s first corporatized institute for IIT-JEE and Other Engineering Entrance Exams, on Monday voiced concern over the proposed move from Ministry of Human Recourse Development to merge the IITJEE and AIEEE exams and feel that it could lower the quality of prestigious IIT’s.

At a press conference here to discussed the impact of this move on the students and their future R L Trikha, Director & HOD Distance Education, FIITJEE Limited and C.V. Kalyan Kumar, Director, FIITJEE Limited spoke at length on the topic “Change of assessing students in school, based on CCE and the current proposal of merging all National Engineering Exams – IIT-JEE & AIEEE with inclusion of Boards Exams. Is it a boon or a burden?”.

According to Trikha, “JEE was a major factor that gave IIT’s the exclusivity that they command today. A student preparing for JEE prepared for the test with the sole purpose of entering IIT and not a regional engineering college.

“School boards like CBSE, ICSE are easier to score than compared to state boards. This is unfair to students appearing for state boards compared to CBSE. States like Bihar, the state board awards lower marks than the national boards.”

“A better option would be to have multiple rounds of screening tests, rather than giving 40% weight- age to 12th standard results. This decision will lower the standards of IIT, already IIT’s have been criticized for lack of quality, this decision may be a big blow, as we do not know what change will follow in the opening and closing ranks of IITs.

“There is also a need for uniform syllabus, since different boards have different marking system, which needs to be standardized. And lastly, the student will face immense pressure as there’s a single exam to make it or break it,” he said.

Recent decision of the MHRD of merging IIT joint Entrance Exams (JEE) and All India Engineering Entrance Exams (AIEEE) into one has stirred mixed reaction by student community and academicians.

If everything falls in place, by 2013 there shall be a common entrance test for all government engineering colleges. The common entrance test scores will also be applicable to those states who currently accept AIEEE scores for entrance in their respective regional colleges.

HRD Ministry expects more states to follow the suit. With this decision another significant change is that along with the test scores, student’s 12th standard marks will have 40% weight-age.

However the proposal for merged examination has faced flak by the large IIT student’s community.

During the conference, C.V. Kalyan Kumar also shared future expansion plans of FIITJEE.

According to Kumar, “We are aiming to provide a platform to students for truly global career, yet grounding them in solid Indian value systems.”

“Vision without action is just a dream; action without vision is simply waste of time, and action with vision only makes a positive difference in anything you do,” said Trikha when asked what’s next for FIITJEE in the coming years.

He said, “We will keep marching on with our core values and keep demonstrating next levels of excellence with consistency to remain a leader in this industry and contribute to society through education at all levels.

“However, we also have many roaring education-oriented diversification plans through a series of rapid expansion programs for next 2 years in India and abroad. (IBNS)

  • prince

    Why The Human Resource Development Ministry is not see the actual problem of Govt school building,Teacher salary etc.That is the main issue.ISeet is worthless issue

  • rahul kumar

    the rank of iiit in the top engineering college will go down . thelevel of jee is good.boards like bihar boards the student get good marksby givig bribe.even the good students get poor marks.and institute will be more flourish.students will have much more stress of boards and jee.this method of testing will keep the talent away from getting admission to iit.this is not fair.and those who will appear in 2013.they have only 1year. therre is not enough study material available for jee[ n3

  • k s manoj

    I feel abolishing iit jee is a total rubbish. It will considarably tamper the quality of iit intakes.

  • Payalbhanushali

    its not good at all.  bihar board student will fall in trouble and student will hav the stress for there 12th board………and there will be pressure on both the side attaining iit as well as 12 th boardddd…

  • Beehari94

    This is surely a bane. The level of IIT will fall below along with it the state board students will face more troubles. They are neither prepared with the syllabus and concentrating on national test will be near to an impossible task. If they are so keen to take common test why didn’t they alert the STATE students early. Is this the “so called” way to reduce stress? Only aieee ant iit are not the only students in india.I hope they should keep it in mind. And just allow the states to conduct the respective entrance exams atleast for 2013….

  • Shrutinair89

    Its really ridiculous that our RESPECTED education minister has realized the necessity of common entrance test at the nth hour. He is asking the states to accept this policy for the batch of 2013 where the students have still not received the text books and are totally unaware about the happenings. Determined students are losing all their hopes to attain their respective dreams only because of this test!! Not to forget the majority of the sufferers are state boards who are in total dismay as well as in dilemma about their future. Since our beloved ministry is only interested in thinking about national test. Praying they do very soon realize the trouble of state board students and try to solve problems rather than creating them please…Leave the students atleast 2013

  • Shubhamp971

    its nothing more than a idiot idia

  • sridhar

    This is absolutely a bane. HRD ministry should upgrade the syllabi of all the boards to that of the syllabi of IIT JEE instead of meddling with IIT JEE. As marking system and syllabi of different boards are different the board marks should NOT be the criteria for admission to IIT