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Licentiate Examinations for MBBS Students in India

MCI Licentiate Exam

As part of its proposals to make the undergraduate medical education programme more qualitative, the Medical Council of India plans to conduct licentiate examinations for MBBS students before they qualify for their graduate degrees.

The MCI intends to conduct licentiate examination after internship completion to qualify for Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) status, the common entrance examination for which would be held prior to the internship in order to make internship period more productive.

The proposed new undergraduate medical education programme is designed to create an Indian Medical Graduate who will at the time of graduation from the MBBS programme, effectively fulfill the roles of clinician, leader, communicator and lifelong learner, professional with a set of competencies, a member of the council said.

The proposed framework suggests introduction of a two year Master of Medicine (M Med) programme equivalent to existing diplomas in various clinical specialties.