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Meet the All India CBSE Topper: Dravyansh Sharma


Dravyansh Sharma, the all India CBSE topper in the class XII boards, is a small town boy, with great aspirations. Sharma who studied at Delhi Public School (DPS) Ghaziabad has scored an aggregate of 98.6 per cent. “I was just surprised when my school told me that I have topped the country,” said Dravyansh. With a modest family background, all the celebrations and attention has left him a little jaded.

“My parents were just in disbelief. All my relatives and friends were elated. Nobody had expected that I would reach the pinnacle,” added Dravyansh.

Though his ambition is to become a computer engineer, Dravyansh enjoys reading novels, partying on and off and playing badminton. Among the people who are celebrating his success, he thinks his girlfriend is the happiest, though she didn’t do as well him. Dravyansh’s father is a civil engineer in Agra, while his mother is a homemaker. via ndtv

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  • Anjana Sharma

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