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Mentoring and Monitoring of CBSE Schools

The CBSE is aware that mere orientation is not enough to help teachers grapple with the CCE Scheme.  The training workshops are going to be followed up with mentoring and monitoring of schools through the Sahodaya network wherever possible. In case of other schools district wise Nodal centers will be set up to monitor and mentor the implementation of CCE.

It is in this context that you can offer voluntary service by extending support in the area of your expertise. Incase you are a trained master trainer please register online to be a Monitor/ Mentor. If you would like to offer your school as a venue for training kindly register online for the same.

In case you are a principal or a senior teacher and would like to be a master trainer for future training programmes, you can register online. The CBSE is also planning to train teachers who are exceptionally motivated and will be asking teachers to register with us. All these announcements will be made shortly.

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