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MSBSHSE Upgraded the Course and Teaching Pattern of Std IX


Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has overhauled the course and teaching pattern of Std IX. The changes have been made only in mathematics and science subjects as of now to bring them at par with CBSE/ICSE syllabi. Theory-based teaching has been scrapped in favour of a practical knowledge-based pattern.

State education minister Babasaheb Thorat told ToI that the changes were made to raise the level of education in state board to match the CBSE. “Next year we will be making changes in Std X tenth course as well,” he said.

Megha Kale, a maths teacher in CP and Berar school, described the new course for mathematics as extremely novel. “The books are much more illustrative now. Their size has increased but it is good. There are more examples and illustrations. We have to extract answers from the students with the help of these activities,” she said adding that the students enjoy learning mathematics now. “They are coming up with methods to solve the given problems themselves instead of me telling them how to solve them,” she said.

Science teacher Vaidehi Gade from the same school especially liked the idea of field visits. “The school is going to take students to field trips in factories, gardens and museums. They have to submit reports on these trips as a part of the curriculum,” she said. “This will increase the interest among students and help them understand concepts better. Plus, they’ll have to be creative about writing the reports,” she added.