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The national engineering exam will be called JEE: Sibal

The new format of exams for entrance to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) will ensure brighter students getting through to the prestigious institutions, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said Friday.

Speaking at a function in IIT-Delhi, Sibal said the new system will not replace the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) as speculated, and will give weightage to school board marks.

“School board exam marks (Class 12) will be given weightage, which will be 40 percent,” Sibal said adding that with the coaching system dominating, students were ignoring board exams and focusing on coaching for the JEE.

The HRD minister also informed that the exam will be held in two parts, mains and advanced. The first part will be an aptitude test, and the second part will check the student’s “depth of knowledge”.

“IIT faculty will set the paper, and the exam will be called JEE only,” he said.

The minister said the new system will help get better students to the premier institute.

According to a senior professor from the IIT, the new pattern may be introduced from 2013.

  • prakhar

    agree wid all above ……….. hatts off to sibal 

  • Ck

    atleast b confirmed from whch year so tat we can proceed further towards our studies accordingly

  • Krishna

    it’s a brilliant idea

  • Chiradeep

    One who proposed this new system doesn’t understand a thing about competitive tests.If you actually believe that the stress levels will be down with the new pattern, you are living in a fool’s paradise.

    Competitions are essentially about managing stresses. Whatever be the instrument of measurement, the stress levels will only increase. Under the proposed system, the students will have to concentrate on school exams, aptitude tests and advance skill tests. Therefore, the area of focus has just got wider, thereby increasing the stress levels.

    The only visible effect of the proposed change will be that the students who will be getting into the IITs will be more proficient in English and more geared up for taking up CAT type exams in future.They would be from upper middle class backgrounds mostly from IGCSE and ICSE schools who have acquired greater writing skills and are more proficient in English. Intelligent and hard working students from vernacular medium especially from rural areas will tend to get ignored.

    In the guise of reducing stress levels all that we are doing is to change the rules of the game so that IITs become more accessible to upper class students who find the present grind of IRODOV and ZEMANSKY very torturous.

    There are several inexplicable changes. For example, why would you try to select a computer science student of IIT Powai based on his class 12 score in Hindi or Biology. This would obviously skew the selection process in a direction where an alrounder gets selected while a top-notch talent gets sidelined. What kind of future do we intend to create?

    Another area where there is absolute lack of clarity is the methodology to be adopted in normalising the Class XII score across boards. The proposed method suggests that score of a student will be compared with the highest score obtained by topper of that particular board. In other words, this methodology assumes that the topper of all boards are at par, and if you are the topper of your board then you get 40/40. We all know that all boards are not at par, and equating all toppers will be erroneous since it will ignore the brilliance of the individual topper. It will be a much better idea to equate the median score of each board, as this would take into consideration the entire spread of marks rather than considering the marks of one individual i.e. the topper.

    The proposed system needs to be debated in much greater depth before being formalised.

    • Meghu


    • Chetansharaf

      I agree with you

  • Rajan

    Everything is Good but the last statement that “New Pattern may be introduced from 2013”. Session for 12th already started in many school and kids still do not know which exam they will appear next year… Mr. Chiradeep articulated well and I agree with him Single Exam is good but we must not implement in hurry.

  • Seema

    It is extremely important that if the new system of having one common entrance exam for admission to engineering colleges is going to be implemented for students of july 2013 batch, then it must be clearly declared before 15th April 2012 as it will save the extra burden on students and parents. Also every school should declare about this rule and so that students can put in more effort in their grade 12 class and take it a bit more seriously. Also clarity is required for the method and system for admission for students from different states and how the segregation will take place for admission into NIT colleges and the private colleges. Also, now the fees structure for state students and out of state students is different, so what happens to the fees structure for a student of different state when only one exam is held. Having one exam rule is really welcome.