CBSE News > NCERT “Lab-in-a-Box” aka “Tatkal Kaksha” to teach Computers

NCERT “Lab-in-a-Box” aka “Tatkal Kaksha” to teach Computers

NCERT Computer Lab

Now NCERT has a computer lab that can literally go places. NCERT – National Council for Educational Research and Training – has installed a ‘lab-in-a-box’ on its campus, which is a computer laboratory or a cyber café made in the shape of a shipping container. Developed in collaboration with an IT giant, it can be lifted and transported to rural areas where computers are still to make inroads into school education.

The unique lab-in-a-box was inaugurated by HRD minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday through video conferencing from Sanchar Bhawan. The lab-in-a-box, also called ‘Tatkal Kaksha’ (instant classroom) has 20 computers with Internet connectivity, printer and electricity supply. NCERT is now planning to invite children from various government and MCD schools in the city.

“It’s the first prototype in the country. We have kept it on our campus to see how children and other users respond to it. This idea can be later utilized to introduce ICT in the rural areas,” said Professor Vasudha Kamat, joint director, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), a unit of NCERT.

According to Kamat, this innovation will cut down on the time required for rolling out ICT infrastructure in rural schools. Though government is supposed to provide computerstoaddvaluetoprimary education, few schools in villages and remote areas are ready with infrastructure, like a laboratory or even electricity. This lab-cum-box can be run using a generator or on solar power.

“The lab-in-a-box has features like ncert books, open-source software and touch-screen computers that can provide quality IT education at a much reduced cost along with easy access. It has overcome the challenges of power, space and infrastructure currently faced by schools in India,” Kamat said.

Sibal, too, acknowledged it as an “enormously innovative project”. He said, “What we have here is an excellent example of aligning technology innovation to meet the social and educational challenges we face in the country. It uses a very unique and modular approach that is sustainable and cost-effective.”

Though neither CIET nor NCERT is entrusted with the job of introducing IT facilitiesinschools,theofficialsdo hope the concerned agencies will utilize the idea of lab-ina-box in the real situations.