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Nspired Learning Solutions to Hit Indian Schools

Nspired Learning

Education solution provider Texas Instruments (TI) Tuesday launched a new interactive learning solution for teaching mathematics and science in schools.

‘We are confident that this TI solution will herald a new beginning in the way classes and labs are conducted in our schools,’ said Biswadip Mitra, president and managing director, Texas Instruments India, launching the product

at the national capital’s Modern School on Barakhamba Road.

The learning solution system has a electronic interface between the student and teacher and allows wireless interaction and teaching opportunity.

‘This enables communication between the teacher and pupils -discussion, investigation, problem-solving and assessment,’the company said, adding it would improve the mathematical skills of students and their attitudes toward the subject and science.

‘This will enable them to take learning beyond the classroom to establish real-world connections,’ said Lata Vaidyanathan, Principal, Modern School.

According to the company, the learning solution ‘Nspired Learning‘ will be provided to 10 schools across the country.