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Physical Education Cards (PEC): A New Concept in CBSE Schools



The new concept aims to build a healthy & fit generation by initiating a trend of joyful learning

Physical Education

Children in many city schools prefer playing outside during the maths period these days, and even their teachers are loving it. Students of classes I-V are going through a revolutionary change in the manner in which they study. For starters, the class is outside the classroom. So, on a day when the concept of fractions is to be taught, they hit the playground with bats and balls. In the process, say teachers, the kids learn tenses too.

If teachers are to be believed, children in primary sections have grown really fond of their PEC classes introduced in July last year in at least 30 city schools. PEC — or Physical Education in Curriculum — is a concept borrowed by CBSE from the British Council to build a healthy and fit generation and initiate a trend of joyful learning. In this, physical education and other subject teachers have been specially trained to execute and create games in tandem with the primary school curriculum.

‘‘It is a collaborative venture of CBSE and the British Council. Our teachers have looked at the various chapters in the curriculum and made the PEC cards,’’ said Ameeta Mulla Wattal, principal, Springdales, Pusa Road. She added, ‘‘For instance, mathematics has taken a different flavour. It has become animated now. If students are to be taught the concept of distance, length and breadth, they may do activities like running and measuring the distance or moving in and out of cones. They have developed a great liking to it.’’

There are around 200 PEC cards developed by CBSE officials in association with the British Council. Each card has a game described in detail with safety measures and how it can be linked to various subjects also mentioned on it. The cards were originally connected with the English, maths and environmental studies curriculum. However, teachers have covered other subjects as well.

Some of the 30 schools that were part of the pilot project are now mentoring other schools in the neighborhood to disseminate the information. ‘‘The best part about PEC is it’s not just an elite venture limited to private schools. It works on the grassroots with many government schools also a part of it. We are now training teachers from other schools in the vicinity so this idea can spread,’’ Wattal said.

In fact, PEC has specially helped government schools tackle the longstanding problem of absenteeism in primary classes over a period of just seven months. Children no longer want to skip classes, affirm teachers. ‘‘They look forward to PEC classes and the attendance has gone up in the last few months. Each primary class goes to play outside every day while the senior students still have just one games period in a week. Though we obviously cannot cover the entire syllabus using PEC cards, children now enjoy learning,’’ said Shashi Saini, principal, Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Prashant Vihar. ‘‘PEC is not something new but it has come to our country only now. Moreover, teachers are also enjoying it. We have even allowed them to come to school in sports shoes,’’ Saini added.

According to officials working on PEC, the concept originated in London when the city was bidding for the 2012 Olympics. Authorities wanted to make sports popular with the new generation and thus came PEC. ‘‘PEC has also helped children learn team spirit through various games early in their life and has also inculcated a sense of achievement. It’s a great innovative method of learning and should spread across all schools,’’ said Ashutosh Batta, principal, Bloom Public School, Vasant Kunj, which has even employed a separate teacher for PEC.

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