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A proposal for open-book exams policy in CBSE Schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education is planning to start open-book board exams for Classes X and XII from 2013.

Students will not be allowed to take books to the exam hall but the board will inform the students in advance about the specific paragraph from where a question may be set.

The system, used in countries such as the US, UK and Canada, follows an analytical question pattern that assesses students’ understanding of a subject than their memory. Candidates are allowed to take textbooks into exam halls but such questions are set to which direct answers will not be found in them.

If the open-book policy is implemented in India, you may not need to memorise such formulae for exams.

The CBSE had set up an exam reforms committee under Vineet Joshi to suggest changes that would discourage memorising and reproduction of texts in exams. The panel suggested that situation-based questions could be set that would make students think, analyse and apply their knowledge to arrive at an answer.

While most of them termed the proposed exam pattern as a ‘welcome change’,a few academicians want it—which has the potential to rewire the ineffectual educational system—to be implemented from Class 1.

“This is a sound exam system…. But to have such a system, students and teachers need to be prepared. The teaching/learning system must be in tune with the proposed exam system,” Vinod Raina said.

“If the question pattern is changed without adequate preparation and proper sensitisation, there will be a huge problem.”

  • Dharshini

    No this system will make the students to make their concepts clear,they will start thinking practically and they will knw how to apply it in real life I.e wat they study they will know to apply it in real lyf so this system is very good to go on with the parents and teachers

  • Mutsuddya

    It’s tie to have some originality!! Students and teachers need to be prepared to have such a system!! the teaching patern too need to be changed a bit! 

    • Mutsuddya


  • sjngh

    very good system but must be implemented from class vi because certain things need to be kept in mind.

  • santosh parmar vaid

    1. a standard common book needs to b followed to have uniformity.
    2. practice at class room level needs to be done before it goes as a evaluating technique.
    3.memorizing will have no role to play.
    4.It will be something like comprehension passages in English.
    5. How much weightege will it have in the total evaluation.

  • vaibhav

    when it will take into effect….??????