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Protest Against Delhi University (DU) Semester System

DU Semester System

The ongoing protest by teachers of Delhi University against the implementation of a semester system took an ugly turn on Sunday as vice-chancellor Deepak Pental suffered a few blows, caught in a skirmish between his security guards and members of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) at South Campus.

The vice-chancellor arrived around 10.30am to address aspirants during the open day session, when he was accosted by protesting teachers, wearing black bands around their neck, outside the venue. TOI witnessed the faceoff as Pental, taken aback by the sudden charge, stopped in his tracks near the parking lot. The protesting teachers surrounded him but security guards quickly positioned themselves around Pental, leading to a melee. The vice-chancellor was manhandled and police had to be called to disperse the protesters. Pental, however, refused to lodge a complaint.

“This is no way of protest. They are all educated people and our colleagues. I have great respect for them all but they probably have lost all respect for me,” Pental said.