CBSE News > Provisional Admission to Class XI now possible in CBSE Schools

Provisional Admission to Class XI now possible in CBSE Schools

Provisional Admission for Class XI

Now school authorities will be able to give provisional admission to students seeking admission to class XI without any hassle, while waiting for results of class X board exams as the CBSE has waived off the restriction on giving provisional admission, CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi said while talking exclusively to TOI during the second day of his visit to the city on Saturday.

Joshi said that earlier they had restricted schools from admitting students on a provisional basis to class XI, while they waited for their class X exam results. Schools following this practice were penalized as this was a violation of the board norms.

‘Now we have decided that schools affiliated to CBSE can go ahead with provisional admissions for class XI,’ said Joshi. He elaborated that just like Punjab and some other states, there were also some schools in Delhi that were giving provisional admissions to students to class XI, so now these schools can officially go ahead with this practice.

He however said that the senior secondary schools should give preference to their own students for admission to class XI rather than admitting students of other schools who have higher percentage.

As for the heavy school bags of primary class students, Joshi said that, ‘Many times we had issued a circular to design the time table in such a way that it should minimize the weight of a school bag but it has not worked the way it should have. The board cannot penalize a school for this but it can spread awareness in this regard.’

Timing matters

In the wake of the option given to Class X students to opt out of the board exams and take internal schools exams, CBSE is all set to deal strictly with those senior secondary schools that declare their internal final exam results before the board results for class X are declared. ‘Schools violating these orders will face action,’ said CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi. TOI