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All Qatar students clear CBSE Class X exam

Schools in Qatar have registered 100 percent success in the Class X examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, held in March. With the board replacing marks with grades, this year, there are no “toppers”.

Under the new grading system, the internal assessment marks of the students are added to the board examination scores and students get grades instead of percentages.

The grades have been given on a nine point scale ranging from A1 (excellent) to E2 (dissatisfactory) with D being the minimum pass grade. Students will now get to know the grades in each subject, plus the grade point and the cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

More than 960 students who appeared for the exam from seven Indian schools have qualified for higher studies.

Of 525 students who took the exam from MES Indian School, as many as 16 students notched up the impressive A1 by securing 10 Grade Points in all subjects thereby resulting on their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 10. A good number of about 183 students have secured a CGPA of 9 and above.

Abhinav Faujdar, Adham Musthak, Afees Ahamed MA, Ajith Ravindran, Vivek Vijaykumar, Yohan Jacob John, Aishwarya Manjunath Shetty, Ann Mary Thomas, Ann Treesa Babu, Ashida Parol Thazha, Aswathi Mohandas, Hafeeza Fathima, Jazla Mohammed Iqubal, Jini Francis, Kedarisetti Hridya and Rose Mary George secured A1 in all subjects.

Among the 525 MES students, 288 secured A Grades (A1 and A2) in English, 280 in Mathematics, 213 in Science and 358 secured A grade in Social Science. Out of 215 students who sat for Malayalam language exam, 85 secured A grades. In 42 out of 66 Arabic, 24 out of 56, 25 out of 162 Hindi and 10 out of 26 Urdu language students secured A grades.

Ideal Indian school (IIS) took 238 students for the exam this year. 182 of them scored A1 in various subjects. 144 students obtained CGPA 7.5 and above, 82 student graded with CGPA of 6.0 and above and rest of the students got CGPA of 4.5 and above.

Nishmath Ibrahim, Dhanya Joppachen and Naina Betcy Allan scored highest grade of A1 in all five subjects. Safa Salim, Dharani Pillai, Karen Jacob, Nashwa Nazir, Akash Balamurali, Jacob Baby, Sana Sayyid, Nahla Fahmy, Ansari Zeeshan, and Mitchel Abramam scored A1 in four subjects.

40 IIS students obtained A1grades in mathematics, 37students got A1 in Science, 71 students got A1 in Social Sciences and in Arabic Language 11 students out of 36 scored. A1.

Five out of 70 students from DPS-Modern Indian School (DPS-MIS) secured A1 in all subjects. Akshata Ramakrishna Prabhu, Abhipray Sahoo, Aakash Tuli, Snigdha Kamal and Afreen Rahman were the top scorers.  All the students from the school scored 60 percent and above with 27 percent of the students scored 90 percent and above and 81.42 percent of the students secured 75 percent and above. In English, 35.7 percent secured A1, 48.6 percent in Mathematics, 30 in Science, 45.7 in Social Science, 15.9 in Hindi and 11.1 percent students secured A1 in French.

Four out of 54 Birla Public School (BPS) students secured A1 in All subjects. Anjali Menon, Benita Able Srambical, Milan Mariya Tomy, and Ooshmal Ullas have a perfect CGPA score of 10. At least 59.25 percent students secured a CGPA between 9 and 10, 35.18 percent students between 8 and 9 and the remaining three students securing a CGPA between 6.8 and 8. Overall, the school secured a CGPA score of 9.02 with 102 A1s and 103 A2s.

All 36 students who appeared the exam from Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS) passed and 15 students obtained A1 Grade in all subjects other than languages. Tasnim Puthenpura did exceedingly well by scoring A1 in all subjects while Aakifah Rahman, Namitha Mariam John, Annu Krishnan and Hana Yoonus scored A1 in four subjects. All the students appeared in Arabic as second language scored A1 Grade.

The school has scored an average CGPA of 8.9. Of the 36 students, 23 secured A1 Grade in Social Science and while 10 secured A2. In Mathematics 18 secured A1 while four secured A2. 16 students came out with A1 Grade in Science while 11 secured A2.

The sixth batch of Shantiniketan Indian School took 30 students to the exam this year. At least nine students secured a CGPA of 9 and above. Pooja Vijay Khadhikar emerged as the school topper. Four students secured A1 in Social Science, three in Mathematics and two in English.

The Indian stream of Al Khor International School took 14 students to the exam this year securing a school CGPA of 9.3. Two students, Rishika Reddy and Shreya Mary Kuruvilla secured A1 in all subjects and while Fathima Ahmed, Sri Greeshma Avadhootha and  Vishal Vijayakumar scored A1 in four subjects. A total of 58 A grades were secured by students in various subjects.

This will be the last year of the Class X Board examination. With the CBSE extending the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) to Class X, the 2010-2011 batch will have no Board exams. However, students studying in schools that are only up to Class X will still have to sit the CBSE Board exam.

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