CBSE News > State Board vs CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE – Which is Better?

State Board vs CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE – Which is Better?

State Board vs CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE

For some students, after Class X, deciding on whether they should shift to another educational board or not can be quite daunting. The options are many and varied, but knowing what to expect can guide your decision better. State boards are by far the most widespread choice. The syllabus is balanced between theoretical, practical, vocational and value-based aspects and textbooks, teachers and resources are updated at regular intervals.

The ICSE, on the other hand, does not have a set syllabus. Instead, it sets guidelines for each subject for schools to adopt and make the curriculum relevant to their students. A detailed syllabus is provided to enable teachers to plan an effective curriculum. The Council provides vocational education in Class 11 and 12. Those opting for the CBSE Board will have the luxury of choosing six subjects out of 20. The syllabus and paper style aims to help students in developing logical thinking and scientific aptitude. The IGCSE is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, and is accepted in over 157 countries, with a balanced curriculum at par with global standards. This board encourages oral and practical skills and stresses on individual projects as well as teamwork.

So, make your choice based on which of these suits your personality best.

  • Kaleeswaran

    Is there any percentage discrimination for CBSE students in engineering admission for tamilnadu? My cousin is studying CBSE 10 standard.. We wish her to study in CBSE itself but we heard that students from CBSE are taken in a less count when comparing to stateboard in tamilnadu.. Only certain percent is alloted for CBSE students,i heard.. Is it true? Pls reply

    • Ankur

      I think ICSE will be better for her if she wants to study abroad.

      • Guest

        no it is not like that, they will convert the CBSE marks into the state level  mark. example state board first mark in maths is 100 and cbse first mark in maths is 90 and you have taken around 89 then your state board level  mark will be (100/90)*89 = 98.88.

        the basic problem for CBSE student is they get less rank in engg admission compare with their  knowledge

        • Afzal12363

          what is better stateboard or cbse for class 11th & 12th student

  • paul

    cbse and state board are very easy but igcse & icse very difficult to score marks

  • Hema

    I m studying my 10th in IGCSE right now, so is it good to continue in IGCSE or else shift to ICSE or CBSE for my further education of studying in medical field????

    • Hema

      please some one help me guys